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Nexuiz/Xonotic Photo Story

Essiance and i talked late last night about good ol' times and i had this awesome idea of an open photostory about the history of Nexuiz from the first version to the latest release.

(You have to imagine an image of a discus-thrower, because 4m is too lazy to paste the link.)
4m038105 - Be the change.

Oh yes, we will record some demos of 1.1 till 2.5.1, of the Minsta-free times, and want to compare and show all the new things. Smile We also need the names of the "former" community Wink

One more very nice idea Big Grin

How did you imagine that photo-story? Ingame gameplay, action, maps, etc...

I have so much old screenshots. Also some demos.
Heh - /me remembers old peace partys Smile

I think, first of all we should collect EVERYTHING! Big Grin Then we can sort out, what we want to put in our photo story or not... Smile

I haven't seen anything from pre-2.0 times. It'll be interesting to find out what things were like back then!
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(10-11-2010, 01:31 PM)Essiance Wrote: I think, first of all we should collect EVERYTHING! Big Grin Then we can sort out, what we want to put in our photo story or not... Smile

Ok I will upload my 200-400 screens haha. Tongue No I will look for some good ones.

You can also send me all your 400 Screenies Big Grin


Maybe I can find some pre-2.0 screens
<3 the first nexgun model
<3 <3 <3 the old nexgun balance ...
Awesome, did Qz show you that ?
Nexuiz : I Reach the top5 of the ladder (even top3 I guess). Top1 French for quite some time (when active) of ladder. Top5 of some tournaments (if I remember well)

(10-12-2010, 11:17 AM)Mirio Wrote: A good one:

from 2.0

This one looks much like Herforst elite.
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Cortez: Yep, its the good old Herforst Wink

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