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Help with Player scoring Cvars

A few of us were trying to experiment with some new personal scoring in CTF to improve the built-in autobalance (g_balance_teams_force) and some of the cvars didn't make sense.

This is from one of the scoring cfgs (alien's)

set g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_base                   1
set g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_dropped_early          1
set g_ctf_flagscore_pickup_dropped_late           1
set g_ctf_flagscore_capture                      30
set g_ctf_flagscore_kill                          1
set g_ctf_flagpenalty_drop                        2
set g_ctf_flagpenalty_suicidedrop                 2
set g_ctf_flagpenalty_returned                    0
set g_ctf_flagscore_return                        5
set g_ctf_flagscore_return_rogue                 10
set g_ctf_flagscore_return_by_killer              6
set g_ctf_flagscore_return_rogue_by_killer       11
// succeeded capture (pickup capture)            31 (0 for enemy)
// failed capture (pickup kill drop return)      -1 (6 or 7 for enemy)
// failed (shot into void) (pickup kill drop)     1 (1 for enemy)
// capture retry (kill drop pickup)              -1 (1 for enemy)
// suicide, then retake (suicidedrop pickup)     -1 (0 for enemy)

set g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_base                   1
set g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_early          1
set g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_late           1
set g_ctf_personalscore_capture                      30
set g_ctf_personalscore_kill                          1
set g_ctf_personalpenalty_drop                        2
set g_ctf_personalpenalty_suicidedrop                 2
set g_ctf_personalpenalty_returned                    0
set g_ctf_personalscore_return                        5
set g_ctf_personalscore_return_rogue                 10
set g_ctf_personalscore_return_by_killer              6
set g_ctf_personalscore_return_rogue_by_killer       11
// AWIN = 31
// AFAIL = -1
// DWIN = 6..7
// ARETRY = -1
// DRETRY = 1
// ATAKE = 1

The main ones I don't understand are:
set g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_early
set g_ctf_personalscore_pickup_dropped_late
set g_ctf_personalscore_return_rogue_by_killer

I don't fully understand the difference between the flagscore and personal score. My guess is that flagscore it is based on the old scoring system where a CTF match was decided by "frags" instead of caps.

I also wanted to know how fckills affected the personal player scoring. I'm pretty sure you get a bonus on your personal score if you kill the flag carrier, but I couldn't find which cvar sets that value. There is only return_by_killer, but that's not the same thing.

Okay, sorry for taking so long to respond - Well, the CTF code (especially some of its naming scheme) really sucks... but want to know something interesting? When I grep for these cvars, I get absolutely no hits other than in the configs. Basically that means the cvars aren't even used from code! *major facepalm*

I'll talk to divVerent about this later, maybe the ctfscoring .cfg files just are deprecated from the code and need fixing.

Personally I think it's a bad idea to punish people for trying to take the flag (when they fail), it's like the #1 way to encourage camping. Most public games just turn into camping games, where there are just one or maybe two people that actually try to take it <–– I do this, just because it's no fun to stand around and click the mouse button.

Just IMHO Smile
nowego [MLP:FiM]

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