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Art coordinator needed

After some discussion, it has been determined that we need someone to coordinate our visual artists team of modelers and texturers. This person must do the following:

A. Understand how feasible something is to implement in code.
B. Understand how quickly people can model, texture, and rig models.
C. Understand documentation.
D. Keep documentation up to date.
E. Ability to point people to the correct resources that they need to do their part.
F. Maintain a method of letting the community know what is being done by whom, such as a wiki page.
G. Ability to train people to model, texture, or rig or point people to resources that will help them learn to do said things.
H. Know the game vision, know what is the goal in both code and art.

Please apply or nominate a person (or people) to fill this position below. This person must not necessarily know everything about coding or modeling, or even fit all of the above requirements, but must be a good leader and willing to learn.

I'm pretty sure I could do the job. I've been pretty active on the art development side since the beginning of xonotic and I know the direction people want to go in. I have been rigging and animating Oblivion's models, and I've been working closely with tZork and Oblivion. I also wrote the documentation on exporting models from blender to IQM. I can also code in QC, so I know how feasible something is to implement. So I guess I'm applying Smile

(04-02-2010, 02:33 PM)DiaboliK Wrote: I'm pretty sure I could do the job.

If you can keep castle out of the game, im totally sure you can do it

(04-02-2010, 05:18 PM)Cortez666 Wrote:
(04-02-2010, 02:33 PM)DiaboliK Wrote: I'm pretty sure I could do the job.

If you can keep castle out of the game, im totally sure you can do it

Are you applying/nominating or are you pushing your agenda?

I think Dib would do nicely.

First things first:

1) Identify art resources that are needed for the first release (and later on, things needed for later releases) - for now probably just models, mappers would probably need their own director. Make a list and put it on the wiki (or somewhere else if the wiki is still nonexistent). There must be a way to keep track of their current status and who are working on them, as well as a way to actually STORE the master files of each model. Look at this table which we once used in Vega Strike for an example:

2) Set a goal on which things should be done. Find out who ALL the artists are, what their skills are, and what they are working on. This will also help later when crediting work. (I just had a comment ingame yesterday from an mv player who said that only coders can be considered devs, but yeah he was an asshat)

3) If necessary ask people to stop working on something and move to another assignment. Assign idle artists to open slots. Always make sure no two artists are working on the same thing to avoid waste. Keep things moving by passing on stuff to other artists for further work and then finalization and insertion ingame.

4) Know what's best for the development process overall. That means telling your artists the exact files needed, including specifications. You must also be aware of the overall game design from the other devs (as in, you know the vision of the community enough, including the plot)

5) Your word is law. If you say 'stop this', artists should stop and work on another assignment, of course you must ensure that they are capable of the assignment in the first place. If someone insists on making his own thing even if it has already been done by another artist, it won't be included in the final cut. Be consistent with the quality of the work you approve on. Although, yes, listen to the suggestions and comments of both the artists and the coders.

That's it. Smile

As one of your minions my current work is: texturing the retopoed Gak character model from tZork. Should be done by tomorrow, if not tonight. Making at least 3 variations of the basemesh to create their own 'faction'.

Dib is DiaboliK btw for those who arent familiar Tongue

I second Dib. =D

Ok, I just wanted to clarify that while Roanoke's idea of selecting an artistic coordinator is a good topic and excellent suggestion, Roanoke is not in charge of deciding this, or announcing something like this on behalf of Team Xonotic. We are not going to be picking art coordinator(s) based on public voting.

However, we will certainly take input from this thread with nominations for people. If anyone here feels interested in such a role, let us know. Artistic direction and setting up a group of coordinator(s) has already been part of our internal discussions. Diabolik's name is in the mix, as well as others.

Note: The emphasis would be on "coordinating" more than artistic ability. We will have a lot of artistic people contributing to Xonotic in the future, but the key thing here is a focus on coordination of those efforts.

We will be announcing more details from our discussions about this over the coming week (in the Xonotic Planning forum) as we work out more details.

(04-03-2010, 12:57 AM)DiaboliK Wrote: Dib is DiaboliK btw for those who arent familiar Tongue

'That' Dib on the IRC that I've been talking to?
[Image: duck.gif]
ai am ai.

Fix the avatar size limit please! I want my avatar gifs back! DISCRIMINATION!
Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

Man I'm having trouble remembering who is who.
I third Dib.
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Yes Seijiro thats him.

Btw, I'm not sure I will yet (still haven't decided) but is there a list of people who do the art stuff (models, textures, effects etc.) that the art coordinator will be in charge of? And is it just to any of the main devs that you apply for being in the team?
[Image: duck.gif]
ai am ai.

Fix the avatar size limit please! I want my avatar gifs back! DISCRIMINATION!
Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

I am agree with you guys really nice article , as per my opinion Responsible of Art coordinator needed maintaining the asset tracking system and for providing input on the improvement and optimisation of that system , learning asset creation and implementation pipelines , coordinating the asset approval process with managers and discipline leads ,coordinating asset corrections, modifications, and/or updates with Art Manager, Project Manager and the individuals tasked with completing or implementing the asset , validating assets according to requirements and specifications.I am new for this field hope my view is right .

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