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SeanJM's Concept Art Thread

Now I think we all need to agree on an artistic direction / universe where Xonotic happens. This thread will have some of my input.

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Welcome to the forums, SeanJM. I definitely like the look of the second player. I hope you can continue to build off that. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask. Also, most of the artists hang around on IRC. The server is and the channel is #xonotic if you ever want to talk to someone. On IRC, I normally go by DibTop or Dib.

Yep, I'll head over on IRC. I am SeanJM.


[Image: Xonotic_Royal.jpg]
I call him th Royal, he looks like a noble class to me.

Nice SeanJM. Would be great if you could draw the rest of the body, would probably make it easier to comment on the concept and help for modelers who might want to work on it (arms/legs/armor).

Good job so far. Smile

Nice to see such a talent here, keep up the great work Smile

nifrek:Yeah, the next concept will have a full body. :-)
Fisume: Thank you.

Looks good, sean. You might also want to hang around #nexuiz.editing.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

New concept.
[Image: Xonotic_Human_male_01.png]
The idea is that the jetpacks turn on when plays land on a jump pad. And when you would turn in the air, the wings would animate.

kind of reminds me resistance 2
(the thing on the back, I mean)

maybe I could use that for a jetpack model.
Master of mysterious geometries

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(01-04-2011, 09:39 PM)theShadow Wrote: kind of reminds me resistance 2
(the thing on the back, I mean)

maybe I could use that for a jetpack model.

Similar, only mine is like what if Apple designed the armor. :-D

Love the concept. Hopefully you can model it too. The problem is though I don't think we can do those animations yet. Especially since the current models don't have wings and already don't have the best animations. But the model would definitely work. Just be careful with the wings though. If they end up being too big it will be outside the hitbox.

I can remove the wings if it causes a problem. I thought the animation would be cool and very next gen. Without the wings, it basically looks like the old Nexiuz models, just sexier.
Like if we could wall jump and dodge, and you have the jets constantly animate, it would be awesome.

Nice concept art! The second image in the first post sorta reminds me of the scarrans from farscape.

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