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What I Am Listening To!

Abacinate - Negating the Omnipotence of Your So Called Man in the Sky
Rockin' out at the library here...
My will be done.

Rob Dougan - Born yesterday
<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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Basshunter - Du Gamla Du Fria


Namely Samurai Champloo - Departure
How long is a piece of string?


Skrillex. I think many of you may enjoy.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

#56 Big Grin

2562 - Fever

That's interesting, mand1nga. But then checked the rest and it's not my cup of tea :<

Kuedo - Glow (Clark Remix)
Clark makes the best sounds :o

Its not the style I usually listen to, Mr Bougo but this is a masterpiece. Masterpiece of this style. I really like it.

Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues
[Image: 788.png]

Listening to some OLD Jesper Kyd. Beleive it or not, this track was used in one the best run n guns on the Genesis/MegaDrive.

Oh wait.

Hey, how about we give our impression on the previous poster's track? That'll make it more interesting for everybody involved. Hopefully.

Lee, I used to listen to VG music (GamingFM, it doesn't exist anymore, that's a shame :<), and this is pretty fab.

Listening to some Porn Sword Tobacco right now. It's very light and delightful. (Also the front cover I've liked the most, ever, for a reason I can't seem to explain)
This one has more appeal I think: Porn Sword Tobacco - Giftwrap Yourself, Slowly (sorry for the low quality, couldnt find better)


(RIP Joe)

Awesome tune, awesome video.


no Christmas songs here? woot!

<Halogene> ok "n1" means "nice one"
<Halogene> "gl" means "good luck"
<Halogene> "fu" means "wow that was wickedly nice that frag"
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MFW no one reads my post asking for peeps to read others' posts.


Oxynucid & Mrs Jynx - Symbiotix EP
This is quite wonderful, and CC-BY-NC-ND too! Which means it's free! I'm very excited by the potential amounts of excellent material on (and other free music repositories / labels).

(02-06-2011, 10:38 AM)anark10n Wrote: OSTs!!!

Namely Samurai Champloo - Departure


Well, I'll add something:

It's a Korean group, actually.

Who knows...may be someone will like this! Smile))

I'm now awaiting the vinyl! Can't wait!!!

@Mr. Bougo I've been meaning to look into CC music sites but I'm following too much stuff already(like xonotic). I will eventually I think.
bye / bad luck and have boredom

Oh hey, I've been meaning to look into Samurai Champloo OSTs, I recently discovered Nujabes so there's probably some nice things for me in there.

And great stuff, noobermin! I'll have to check back when I have more free time.
I didn't actively look into CC/free music sites (I'm guessing that would be too time-consuming). I actually found out about Skytree somehow (see embed below), found that he had a couple of releases hosted on, so I explored the same netlabel a bit. I found Fieldtriqp there, which led me to this collab release (free to listen) which included Mrs Jynx, then back to


hmm listening to that I could imagine you might also like:, tracks I like especially from Xerxes are


Also: indeed awesome piece, fisume.
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Excellent! Thank you for this, bookmarked for later.

Sean NH - Luna (Minimal House Cover [Featuring BeautifullyAbstract])

Best vocals I've seen on a fan work for a while!

Remake of this:
...which is also a remake, I'm not going to track it farther than that though Tongue

nowego4: Never been into very vocal music like that, pony or not :x Too bad, I'm probably missing on plenties of nice things.

In other news:
Mr. Bougo Wrote:Hey hey beautiful people. I just cooked up a custom mybb code to embed soundcloud stuffs. It works like this:

You can also use the "share" function in the souncloud player and use the code for Wordpress if the code above does not work (special characters in name for example? I don't know if that happens).
The player doesn't show title and artist info by default, so you'll have to provide that yourselves with a little text blurb next to the player.

Which now allows me to share some Coleco!
Coleco - OA


(01-10-2012, 02:44 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: ...

I've seen a lot of soundcloud imbeds popping up (Equestria Daily for one), did they change something or are they just gaining popularity?

I listen to higher quality pony music. There's a lot of stuff out there that's pretty bad, and just has pony in the background, with no reference or anything in the lyrics. Still, if heavy vocals isn't you're style, you could go for Nightmare Night (a bit more rap + piano... there's also a instrumental version) or 20% Cooler (um, not sure what to call this. Ever heard of Ken Ashcorp?). :/ pretty much everything I listen to has some kind of words. 'Cept maybe Operation Oatmeal.

Coleco--- sounds like a bit of congo in there?
Instant Remedy: one of the better electronic only tracks I've seen of it's type Smile still has a tune, not just loads of beats coming and going.

Fandom-produced music is cool and all, but (and correct me if I'm wrong) I'm getting the feeling that it's trying too hard to appeal. And usually that goes against my personal tastes. It's usually too pop-ish if you know what I mean. I appreciate the quality though. WoodenToaster is good at what he's doing, but it just isn't my thing at all.

And I don't know, SoundCloud is a nice platform for sharing music. I've known it for a couple of years I think. Nothing big has changed.

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