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[SOLVED] low framerate if other players are displayed

I have a really low framerate if other players are displayed @everything maxed @gtx 560 ti
i have to play with medium detail and medium textures. is there some cvar for just lowering the character detail?
[Image: 788.png]

cl_playerdetailreduction 5 might work...

yeah, definitely cl_playerdetailreduction. I recommend using 5 because your not going to notice the detail reducion, but I personnally play with 7. Other tweaks you can try can be found on a thread I made:

Pretty much everything not related to minfps and maxfps on that thread is pretty subtle, you won't notice the quality difference but you'll get a performance boost. You should also keep vsync disabled if you don't already and just combine a high fps with motion blur tweaks to hide any screen tearing you get.

Oh wait.

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