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Hitler vs Instagib in Warsow

I just wanted to share that here because he mentions nexuiz in it and i think it really describes the feeling some of us here get when they get online,want to play this game with greatly designed weapons and combo possibiltys...and all the server list offers them is minsta,overkill and cts.

He says something completely different.

(12-18-2011, 11:37 AM)[CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] Wrote: He says something completely different.

Yes uhm...since iam german i know that.And i think everyone who has seen one of the thousand videos with fake subs for this scene does know that too,thats part of the joke..

May be, this thing happenZ coZ most of non-minsta players playing on private servers (4 example like on #xonotic.pickup) which not on common server list?

CriboZai! Big Grin

Haha, I love the Hitler Parodies. I do agree with him though. We should have a much broader range of gameplay modes. BRING ME FEGELEIN!

@Apr0ph1z, yes I immediately realized it was the same thing, even before he said nexuiz.

I feel this too, almost everyone plays cts, overkill and minsta. Only sometimes I can play some normal ctf or dm Sad

(12-18-2011, 12:06 PM)Apr0ph1z Wrote: Yes uhm...since iam german i know that.

To the topic, I suggest we should ban all cts minsta and overkil players >>:|

jk. I love those modes actually (save xonotic minsta, nexuiz's minsta is still my preference), but I wish people would play xonotic all weapons sometimes. It's real fun, it's just the public servers are always empty. Of course there are the pickup games...that do happen! I'm sure of it! '^_^
bye / bad luck and have boredom

So much truth in that vid... I was hoping Overkill would change that a bit since it kinda includes instagib... but overall I would say that Overkill right now doesn't play much different from instagib Sad The grenades-combos are too hard to use and in most maps the sniper is simply the best weapon in almost all cases. I am still kinda hoping that it will manage to gap the instagib barrier some time in the future as some aspects of instagib are actually quite funny... just not being able to play anything BUT instagib ruins all the fun Undecided

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