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[SUGGESTION] laser push force boost with quad ?

Maybe a topic extensively discussed 10 years ago:
i feel counterproductive that the laser push force is also boosted when you get the quad. Because jumps become barely controlable.
What about removing this boost on this very aspect?

I agree. It's very difficult to jump when the laser is so powerful.

Push force on self, definitely a good idea.
Push force on others, I always found a damage amp'd laser to be amusing due to it's ability to knock people around so it would be nice to keep that in.

Oh wait.

Just to be clear: yeah, i meant push force on self.
Makes no sense to change push force on others.

I always liked mpre power in my laser Smile

Especially in ctf it is very handy to have a strong laser, it makes you way faster Smile

Yes, but it is a hindrance in most indoor maps.

Well, that's what quad damage does, it makes your weapons stronger, imo it DOES make sense that it also affects the push on yourself. Why would it affect everything except laser push on yourself? It's one of the inconvenience from picking up quad, you can more easily blow yourself up by accident, laser push is a similar byproduct of that. I personally don't find it to be an inconvenience at all, in fact it's an advantage because you can use it to gain a lot of speed, you just need to be more careful with it.

Note that strength already does affect push force less.

Here are the exact specs:

set g_balance_powerup_strength_damage 3
set g_balance_powerup_strength_force 3
set g_balance_powerup_strength_selfdamage 1.5
set g_balance_powerup_strength_selfforce 1.5

I.e.: 3x damage and force, but if you hit yourself, only 1.5x damage and force. So laser is stronger on your own, but not MUCH.
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Always annoyed me when it did crazy force, 1.5x damage and force should be fine Smile
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I can understand the "i want a stronger push to move faster" argument in a ctf context for instance.
Conversly, i hardly get why it should be an unavoidable inconvenience of the laser. One can expect the quad to be a pure bonus.

It feels always weird to me when you got the quad, you're chasing Joe, Joe jumps on a not so high platform and you just cannot finish him because you didn't manage to adjust your jump push.

(@kojn: you shouldn't be allowed to pick up quads anyway Wink )

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