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Server setting => g_antilag ?

Can anyone explain this g_antilag server feature to me?

g_antilag 2 // 0 to disable the antilag feature, 1 and 2 use different methods

What are options 1 and 2?

Where did you get that line from? My defaultXonotic.cfg has this to say:
set g_antilag 2 "AntiLag (0 = no AntiLag, 1 = verified client side hit scan, 2 = server side hit scan in the past, 3 = unverified client side hit scan)"

I think that's pretty self-descriptive. If you want details on the implementation, read the sources Wink It's in cl_weaponsystem.qc and g_subs.qc

That line is from the server.cfg that is shipped with the game. Maybe the description from defaultXonotic.cfg should be copied to server.cfg, you would sooner need it there I think.
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Yes, this is from server.cfg. Much more detail should be added there... Yes, I would be happy to add a bunch in a few weeks
@Mr. Bougo - Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I'm still at a loss as to what you are trying to explain here. As for specifying the sources, I'm not a programmer.

set g_antilag 2 "AntiLag (0 = no AntiLag, 1 = verified client side hit scan, 2 = server side hit scan in the past, 3 = unverified client side hit scan)

Should the average user have to understand C to configure the game or a server?

It's QC. Not extremely hard to read but I won't pressure you. Antilag 3 asks the client what entity it was pointing at when shooting and trusts the client not to lie. Bad, because it makes cheating possible.

The other two, I'm not really sure. Stick with the defaults I'd say.

Unless you have a good reason to, dont change this. It defines how the server tries to compensate for lag with hitscan weapons.
method 2, the default, keeps records of where each client was X steps into the past, and can thus correctly hit them in the past with inst-hit weapons. The other methods are there for completeness, and its not recommended to change this. If you have issues with antilag, its better that you report them so we can fix it.

Thank you all. I got it now! =)

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