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[SUGGESTION] Voting menu

It would be cool to have a voting menu.
Just some window, where you can start a vote (for a map, kick player, maybe gamemode).
so you don't have to type something into the console.
[Image: 788.png]

I think there's enough votespamming already, it shouldn't be made easier (esp. kick votes).
And if you are a regular player, you might want to make some binds for common votes, that's even easier to use than a menu.

I think I'm with sev on this one. The menu would be nice, but it would create spam.

I vote yes, we [NK] have on our forum also voting window, it is freer to vote everybody, not only members

you should can forbid that voting window! (for spammers)
[Image: 788.png]

Vote menu sounds like a good thing but it will get abused by spammers and noobs. Spammers will because they can, and noobs will push it to find out what it dose, or just because they don't know better. Most of the time you want an need to see some intent behind a vote. Most kick vote are ignored on most servers if there is not a reason given or the vote is not called by a respected player on that server. I will agree calling votes should be made clearer and easy to do. Some servers have specal votetabel fetchers that if you don't know how to call the vote for them you will never guess

everyone is entitled to their opinion and vote, and voting would be open only to registered users, not for everyone

anybody knows the situation in QuakeLive, which does have exactly such a menu? Is spamming a problem there?

Votecalling shouldn't be made easier, there are enough tards calling votes for blockscape as it is.

I remember figuring out how to call votes. It was kind of annoying that it wasn't clear just how it worked or what could and couldn't be done with it. So a menu seems like a good idea, but sev makes a good point. If I had found a vote menu when I first started playing, I probably would have annoyed people by fiddling with it. On the other hand... Votespamming rarely does any harm. The real problem are all the people who vote in favor of blockscape, not just the one who calls the vote in the first place.

As a general rule, making a feature obscure to prevent abuse, is not a good practice. Either you want people to call votes, in which case you should make it easy, or you don't, in which case it shouldn't be possible through obscure console commands. For reducing vote spamming, maybe it'd be better to prevent calling one vote right after another, by adding a LONG wait period before you can call another vote.

So I guess this is an ambivalent yes for a voting menu.

When client ID comes around, we can have a whitelist/blacklist of votecalling players.

a blacklist for votecalling sounds like the best thing ever. a personal mute so i can mute players that are trolling would all so be a great idea. then they can shout all they want and one would kick them just shot the hell out of them as they shout abuse at them self's

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