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A question of getting started with Quakec

Hello all,
I have worked with Java,C++,C#, and Python in the past and have always wanted to learn about modding a game. It seemed best not to reinvent the wheel and games like Xonotic and Quake seemed like the best bet.

I have read the inside3d tutorial on Quakec and had some questions on getting started. I am able to follow the tutorial on the ioquake3 wiki where you modify c code and have rockets move at different speeds and such but so far Quakec is a mystery to get working for me.

Most guides recommend doing ./quake -game mymod where mymod is the folder with the qc code and prog.dat file. So here comes some basic questions.

All the linux releases of the code have a dedicated server and client .sh script. I have tried the above command with the server and tried connecting to it and the above command with the client and to no avail.
Do i also need to append which map is desired also? Does the above command go for the server or client or both?

Does the mymod directory need more to it than a qc folder and prog.dat? Some guides I have read said yes and some no. Some guides didnt even say.

Thanks for reading these two basic questions. I want to start learning about quakec and how to modify the game but so far my base(setting up everything) seems a bit rocky.


edit: What I have done was make a folder called my mod. Made a folder inside of it called qc and put all the .qc files in there. I followed inside3d's first quakec tutorial where you modify the shotgun and modified how many shotgun shots are fired. I saved the file, compiled it, had warnings and no errors. The folder is located in the same directory of the quake and quake dedicated server.

Sorry for being bit off topic bur could you link those tutirials plz? :-)

Here is the list of all of their tutorials
Here is the one I was trying to follow

Thanks :-)

The quakec files themselves aren't needed, they are just source files after all. I think just progs.dat is enough, and it's not terribly important that it be in its own gamemod directory. Still, you can give it a try in Xonotic by putting progs.dat in ~/.xonotic/mymod/ and starting Xonotic with ./ -game mymod (or glx of course). The rest of the assets should load just fine from the usual data directory. If they don't, try -game data -game mymod.

If that doesn't work, you can always put progs.dat in ~/.xonotic/data/ and start Xonotic as usual. That's how I always did it. Just don't forget to move that progs.dat away once you're done with your modding!

EDIT: Also, here's a more modern QC syntax introduction:
If you want to learn how it's used, it's always good to have a look at the xonotic source code!

Thanks for the reply. In further inspection I agree that those tutorials look a bit old(The ones i posted). Thanks for the information on how you would set up the mod.

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