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usefull game video recorder / script

If you have good utilities how to capture Xonotic/Nexuiz demo to avi pls post here.
I find something for trying:

Video-Capture for Linux /Deb./ This is an ALSA and OpenGL video capture tool. It is a command line application. It provides glc-capture and glc-play


Well, nexuiz already had built-in video recording that offered the option to "wait for GPU", so that you could render nice videos with all effects turned on at an acceptable frame rate even if you don't have a high-end PC. I doubt Xonotic would let go of that feature, so I think there's no screen recorder needed for Xonotic.
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here is script:
write this line into the autoexec.cfg /win/ or config.cfg /lin/ and save:

bind kp_end "slowmo 0.1"
bind kp_downarrow "slowmo 0.2"
bind kp_pgdn "slowmo 0.3"
bind kp_leftarrow "slowmo 0.5"
bind kp_5 "slowmo 1"
bind kp_rightarrow "slowmo 2"
bind kp_home "slowmo 3"
bind kp_uparrow "slowmo 5"
bind kp_pgup "slowmo 10"
bind kp_ins pausedemo
bind kp_del stopdemo
bind kp_enter capturevideo
bind kp_plus capturevideo
bind kp_minus freeview
bind kp_multiply demoview
bind kp_slash thirdperson
alias capturevideo "toggle cl_capturevideo"
alias +freeview "set cl_deathscoreboard_backup $cl_deathscoreboard ;cl_deathscoreboard 0;set con_chat_backup $con_chat ;con_chat 0;set con_notify_backup $con_notify ;con_notify 0;set crosshair_backup $crosshair ;crosshair 0;set r_drawviewmodel_backup $r_drawviewmodel ;r_drawviewmodel 0;set scr_centertime_backup $scr_centertime ;scr_centertime 0;set showfps_backup $showfps ;showfps 0;set shownetgraph_backup $shownetgraph ;shownetgraph 0;set showtime_backup $showtime ;showtime 0;set viewsize_backup $viewsize ;viewsize 120;alias freeview -freeview"
alias -freeview "cl_deathscoreboard $cl_deathscoreboard_backup ;con_chat $con_chat_backup ;con_notify $con_notify_backup ;crosshair $crosshair_backup ;r_drawviewmodel $r_drawviewmodel_backup ;scr_centertime $scr_centertime_backup ;showfps $showfps_backup ;shownetgraph $shownetgraph_backup ;showtime $showtime_backup ;viewsize $viewsize_backup ;alias freeview +freeview"
alias freeview +freeview
alias +demoview "+freeview;crosshair $crosshair_backup ;r_drawviewmodel 1;viewsize 100;set fov_backup $fov ;fov 90;alias demoview -demoview"
alias -demoview "-freeview;fov $fov_backup ;alias demoview +demoview"
alias demoview +demoview
alias thirdperson "toggle chase_active"
cl_capturevideo_height 480
cl_capturevideo_width 640

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