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Player model cat walk video?

We should make a video of each player model and say custom models walking down a catwalk of sort in a map. There's probably a couple of maps that could be used. Maybe it could be to shows off weapons and vehicles.

LOL if we got a bunch of players standing around it would be like the audience.
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yeah.... but how we gonna do it?
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

Well we need a map that has some area that looks like a cat walk. I think Top of the world or Unsealed trial inside the base second level can act like one. I guess some one would have to be the front camera and one on each side for side/face close up? They could be spectating to get a better angle. I'm thinking each player that walks down the catwalk would do a twist and shoot the gun. If we had a close up of the shot followed by a shot from far away.
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Hmm... reminds the way models walk on cloths presentainons. But here it is going to be gun presentation.)
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

We'd need someone to motion capture a couple of catwalk animations and map them to the bot's skeletons. It would be only good if the one that does the catwalks actually knows at least a bit what he/she is doing, because badly walked catwalks are just queer. When we now have the bots doing the catwalk... I mean... if we then... what was my point...

I somehow lost my train of thought at the term "queer".
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I think I can do this with 3 computers on a lan server. Nne is used to control the player model, one is spectating facing the runway and another is spectating by the enterance watching the model from behind.
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You don't need spectators, make sure you configure the server to disable entity culling then use the free demo camera.
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