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Weapon Settings Question?

I really wanna make a Xtreme Damage 1 hit kill server any ideas on how to do so i am new to the engine and I thought since this is the dev area why not post it here.

set g_weapondamagefactor 1 "weapon damage multiplier"

Change that cvar to 1000 ^_^ Then every shot is instant kill. Anything that hits is instant kill.... But, there is a problem with this, that means some weapons will totally dominate... like machine gun will become the best weapon of all then.

not if you get the shot in first lol also do I add this to my server config.

hehe Big Grin

ok its not working right at all?

I suppose you'd have to add a line "g_weapondamagefactor 1000" (without ") to your server.cfg, but I don't really have a clue. Is this what you did?
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grrrr server is listinging on 2 ports now and thre is 2 servers and my ip grrrrrrr.

That's funny! Somebody already asked this!

Oh. It was you.

EDIT: So, what do you want me to do? Lock this thread, merge it into the other one...?

In any case, don't launch the server twice if you want one server, it's that simple. And the represents the default interface, which is quite probably the other IP you said, because that is quite probably the only IP that your computer has.

I don't know what to do about your port problem, would you mind explaining it some more?

EDIT2: I locked the other thread.

ok i get 2 ips and ports look like this in game one is 26000 and other is 26001? Also sorry for the repost also wanna know how do i cam a random game type each map just asking once i sort out the double ip ill be happy.

Hint: at least try using proper sentences in order to raise the willingness of people to help you here.
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Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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as i said before i am not pro with grammar so yea I rather talk on TS3 witch there is no server and as i said i am getting 2 IP'S twice yet in game they are 26000 and 26001.

You "get 2 ips". What does that mean? Who gave you these IPs? What are they? Are you trying to run two servers? How do you make these servers different?

As for random games, you can forget about it. It's out of reach, so to say.

EDIT: Not being pro with gramar is no excuse to not even try. At least put dots at the end of your sentences and read your message before posting. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Holy i am try as much as i can i put dots.I am sorry if i am not good enough but i get 2 ip's in my terminal-console if you wanna call it that like 2 severs are starting at once.Any way to fix this i am rebooting server to see if it helps.

Can you actually copy-paste the lines that make you think you have two IPs? That would help.

Could this be a broadcast address on the network interface perhaps? If so, this can give the impression of 2 IP addresses outwardly as the system will respond to pings on 2 different addresses. This is unlikely to cause a problem for a domestic configuration. You can however remove the broadcast address if you wish.

From another thread I gather that you are using Mint. Please can you post the listing of /etc/network/interfaces? This will show how your network interfaces are configured.
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edh, I'd really like to know what makes him think he has two ip addresses in the first place. I can't see anything useful in the secondhand information he has provided so far.

+1 but let's see an actual config file. Then we can definitively say that he has not got 2 IPs or not.
I'm at least a reasonably tolerable person to be around - Narcopic

Here is what I get maybe you can help? also I wanna turn on stats witch i don't know how lol.

menu: program is not loaded
Server using port 26000
Server listening on address
Server listening on address [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0]:26000

That's an ipv4 address and an ipv6 address. There is only one server, it listens on port 26000 on your default interface, and it looks fine. Nothing strange there.

Also, you DO NOT want to turn on stats, since you're changing the default settings anyway.

ok so only servers with default setting can be tracked correct? I still get the double server loading i am hosting right now if you look now you will see 2 servers.

I don't see any server at all in fact. Please look here when you count your servers:

also we have a hacker problem how do i see my ban list? wait i took care of him i am pretty sure with route command on linux.

sv_cmd help

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