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A Race challenge - BardoK-AVP

A Race challenge

This month's pick will be bardok-avp!

Basic information:
A Race challenge will be held every month where players can compete and show-off their xonotic movement skills to other people. The idea behind challenge is to offer some challenges every month to those who wanna improve their skills or learn from the others by looking other participatents demos.

To participate to this competition you must to send a demo on this forum topic.
Upload the demo with timestamps and zip it. Thank you!


#1 No pre-humping or jumping. 1 jump before you hit the start timer.

#2 Race has to be done with the current xonotic client and in itsme's server. Usage of other clients or mods is disallowed.

#3 Cheats are forbidden(if there is any kind).

#4 Post your demo before the deadline, we wont accept any demos that has posted after deadline.


Demos has to be posted under this topic before 23th of october 2012.
Timeline will be 22th of september till 23th of october.

Rewards will be honor, glory and the winner gets his demo on youtube!


If you have suggestions or something on your mind that you just wanna share let me know in the comments down below.
Any questions related to the challenge let me know and I try to answer the best way I can. You can find me at #ProfoundVelocity under pV-Hero.

Recording demos

When you record demo and post it remember to say excact time when your best run starts!
Sincerely RealHero


The record command records from the start of the next game. Your command won't work.

I only play online on lcbx, hope thats fine.
And MrBougo is right with his comment, I will just put the timer's time from beginning of the run into the name so you should find it quickly with slowmo x Tongue

if you can please timestamp the demos Smile Yeah would be great! Smile


Cool. I might participate in this.

Just got one question:

Quote:#1 No pre-humping or jumping.

What do you mean by this?

(09-22-2012, 04:57 PM)rocknroll237 Wrote: What do you mean by this?

Possibly, that you start with one cj and not some dash-like gimmicks.

Hero, is it possible to make categories in addition to open classification? Say, experienced racer, cts player, newcomer? Otherwise, challange is limited to few nicks Smile

means excatly what subzero just said. Only 1 cj before start timer starts. It would be ridicilous if everyone would get 1k ups just before start timer Tongue

@subzero: Well this is supposed to be challenge where you can show your skills to others and impove your cts/race skills Smile When you post demo and you see afterwards what was your position among others you can take that as a experience and try get better for next time: ) Its all about having fun and enjoying each others you know Smile


Where is the download link? I don't say I can't find the map on the server, but sometimes someone can't play online (PL, Ping, other network issues). You should provide map download link to make it avaliable offline. And some screesnshots to make it more tempting for participating.

Justan. ->

[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @



<== just did it in 30 minutes and didnt record it.


i want a big bowl of m&ms , all red


my word is good yes? , do i really need proof????



Quote:do i really need proof????

You need to prove what t is using the suvat equation.

(09-26-2012, 08:51 AM)chooksta Wrote: <== just did it in 30 minutes and didnt record it.


15.39 sec so far, I'll upload when i think i suck too much to improve Dodgy

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