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Currently Active Clans

Hey there, Xonotic Players!

As you all know, Xonotic's clan scene is more or less dead/inactive. There are no clanwars or clantourneys going on. But on the other hand, there are a lot of clans in this section of the forums. But after all, I barely see clanmembers around (ingame at least). So I guess that some of the clans here became inactive over time.

So what I want to do with this thread is gaining infromation about active clans, or rather, which clans are active (who actually plays frequently and/or is on IRC or the forums) at the moment. Please reply to this thread if you dont see your clan added in the list below. If you're a member of an inactive clan but you still would like to participate in the clan scene, you can either try to revive your old clan, found a new one or join one of the clans listed below. I wont add all the clans of this forums section as they might not exist anymore/are inactive.

I want to get information about the clans to reactivate the clanscene. (Further information about the idea to form a clanscene will come up in other threads soon!)
With an active clanscene there could be some more tourneys and generally more activity, and after all, this may make this game more popular or attractive for others.

List of active Clans:

Region Clan Tag Clan Name IRC Channel Leader Website
[Image: 48.gif] [BOT] BOT #bot.xonotic [Image: 55.gif] Mirio
[Image: 48.gif] [BUTT] BUTT #xonotic.butt [Image: 55.gif] PayTheBill
[Image: 48.gif] .exe Clan.exe #clanexe [Image: 136.gif] kougi
[Image: 72480-cis.gif] [CF] Combat Folk #cf.etqw [Image: 112.gif] Finko
[Image: 48.gif] [Die Tunichtguten] Die Tunichtguten #dietunichtguten / #dtg.ctf [Image: 55.gif] eL_Bart0
[Image: 48.gif] lmnt eLeMenT #element.ctf [Image: 15.gif] vega
[Image: 48.gif] Empire Empire --- [Image: 55.gif] PinkiePie
[Image: 48.gif] EAC • Evil Ant Colony #evil.ant.colony / #eac.xonotic [Image: 55.gif] Love
[Image: 48.gif] k? kwestion #kwestion [Image: 55.gif] vaan
[Image: 48.gif] Lover Lover #Lover [Image: 51.gif] Smilecythe
[Image: 51.gif] OHSNAP! OHSNAP! #OHSNAP! [Image: 51.gif] Mossepo
[Image: 48.gif] Prophets Prophets #prophets.duel / / #prophets.xdf [Image: 136.gif] Lost
[Image: 48.gif] psyx Psychos of Xonotic #psyx [Image: 55.gif] Diomedes
[Image: 48.gif] [力] The Regulars #theregulars [Image: 55.gif] qb!t
[Image: 48.gif] [sh] Shell #sh.nexuiz [Image: 41.gif] shogun assassin
[Image: 63719-american_%20canadian.gif] smoke. Smoke Break #smokebreak [Image: 29.gif] srkdy
[Image: 63719-american_%20canadian.gif]/[Image: 7.gif] (SMB) Super Mario Bros #smb / #smb.1v1 / #xonotic.smb [Image: 7.gif] Mario
[Image: 48.gif] /oks The Overkillers --- [Image: 72.gif] rasputin
[Image: 55.gif] [unconnected] Unconnected #uc.xonotic [Image: 8.gif] Debugger, [Image: 55.gif] CaptainJack  
[Image: 55.gif] wtwrp. We Think We aRe Pros #wtwrp / #wtwrp.ok [Image: 55.gif] nitroxis, [Image: 55.gif] Cobra_Fast

Last update: 17.05.2017

post for subscription Tongue
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Debugger, how long until your list is outdated?

It will be updated regularly.

How about an update every month + put the last month it was updated in the post.

PS is active, we have news letters to clan members and such, on Friday I and hutty will appriciate in Quick Cup #13...

Our thread is Paradox Space Clan, #ps.xonotic , Paradox Space Washington Duel Server

Smoke Break is active.
IRC = #smokebreak
Forum thread =
[Image: 2823.png]

If this thread turns out well maybe a mod could Sticky it?

If I were you, I'd leave bigger gaps between each of the words in your list of clans, it might get a bit confusing...

I like the idea of documenting all of the clans though. Smile

Combat Folk is active, have 3-4 members (Draelor, mazzarini, Finko and zivs when he is drunk).
IRC: #cf.etqw
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.

pV: Penis Vagina *IRC: #profoundvelocity *leader: EvilKnebl / RealHero

confirming what machine said.....

In Deathmatchers current lineup is.

CTF: myself, Justin, ai/morfar (inactive), fruitiex(inactive), cribozai(inactive), Unknown[NF] (Inactive'ish). If there was some sort of CTF teams or tourney/cup i'm sure it would be no problem to play as I know most of the players would become active for it.

TDM: myself and atn_(just joined & active).

Will be announcing another new member later on this evening also, teamsize will be 5 likely for TDM (for future 4v4 games and likely split down into pairs for 2v2tdm). New members will all be active players.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Shell ([sh]) is still active. I'm most active so I nominate myself as clan leader. We're in #sh.nexuiz. Active players are me, waterlaz, atheros, naryl, lda17h (just returned) and l29ah (just installed xonotic). As whole clan we're mostly interested in CA. 2v2 TDM probably with me and waterlaz. There's our clan thread somewhere on forum.
[Image: OYvkngZ.png] I'm woky on IRC.

SMB (Super Mario Bros) is still active, but mostly in Nexuiz. We're slowly moving across to Xonotic.

Leader: Me.
IRC channel: #smb
Members: Around 15.
[Image: 230.png]

Just to give you push, we had a few matches sh vs. PsyX today. Mode was 3v3 CA. Unfortunately I have neither screenshots nor is CA tracked by Xonstat, but I can tell you it was a lot of fun for all of us. Hope to play against other clans soon. Smile

eLeMenT clan still active, but we haven't considered the idea of moving to xonotic in the close future. we're still on nexuiz

Boss : vega
IRC : #element.ctf ; #element.nexuiz
Members : ~10-15. dunno for sure
[Image: 10253.png]

The point is to have a list of clans, who play as a team and versus other clans in the future.

And not to have a list of clans who either don't play the game... or have 1000 members but 2 active ones (and playing random on publics).

Prophets are still active and hosting 4 Xonotic Servers since Mar 2012 ... Cool


1on1 Sanctuary -- hosted by Zypresse
Minsta/Hook - 1on1 Server - 2 Players - 10 Spectators

Duel Sanctuary -- hosted by Su
Minsta/Hook - 1on1 Server - 2 Players - 10 Spectators

DeathMatch Temple -- hosted by Su
Minsta/Hook - votable   DM/Duel/TDM - up to 10 Players -  2 Spectators

Runaway from Divination -- hosted by Su
XDF - up to 6 Players -  4 Spectators

But always beeing more kinda 1on1 players - so dunno - whether it interests somebody ...

GreetZ Su

I've seen some members of the mighty eXile clan on the servers lately (lee, neolink and tapiok to be specific). Together with asyyy and myself that makes five of us. I can't say if they're still interested in some clan activity though, and currently no clanwars or anything like that are happening. Maybe this will change soon? Big Grin
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

Thanks everyone for the replies to this thread! It seems we have a nice amout of clans atm.

@ neXus: If your clan will move to xonotic, just announce here and I'll add you to the list.

Concerning eXile I'll make sure if you guys are active so I can add you to the list.
However, are there some active prophets members?

Quote:... are there some active prophets members?

What a question Blush
At least there are:

Tanya (prophets)
zypresse (prophets)
Jonas (prophets)
. φropħετs ' :: -maniac|Su-
̻ρяσρнєтѕ˚ :: ρlєχ
. φropħετs ' :: Bill

VectorAlpha (prophets) Admin
Lost (prophets) Founder/Admin/Leader

Or do you think we hosting 4 xonotic server for more than a half year to run only as an end in itself Tongue

Greetz Su

im not sure about the activisity of the paradox space clan seeing as we are rather new (half a year)

from what I understand .... most of us play duels on various duel servers (often bumping into the smoke clan ... who does the same )

one of our members cant connect to xonotic servers due to his internet setup ..
and another is apparently transferring to smoke clan ...

Hey Debugger, didn't you miss your own clan in that list (i.e., [unconnected])?? I happen to know that there's some activity going on lately Wink

And btw, why isn't this thread listed under the Clan Discussion sub-forum? It only shows on thread about <PsyX> for me (and one sticky about clans in general).

EDIT: Okay seems like inactive threads are hidden by default. Maybe this one should become a sticky then?
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

(10-17-2012, 03:57 PM)Debugger Wrote: ... Leader: Maniac|Su


Clanleader is Lost (prophets) ... Smile

GreetZ Su

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