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Fox player model

I created a new fox model for Vore Tournament a few weeks ago, that I wanted to adapt to Xonotic as well... which I got around to doing today. The model is based on Gak (a heavy modification) but uses the Erebus animations. Voices are also modified versions of the Xonotic ones, and I did a few other fixes such as improvements to bad deformations. There are male / female and light / heavy versions of the character (4 characters in total) but only one model and texture set is used. The entire package is fully GPL licensed. Feel free to put it on your server and let me know what you think.

V1.0 pk3: link 1, link 2, GIT repository.

[Image: y171uvcwr2uxti5iwg60_thumb.jpg] [Image: tec1tbhp9bf42cryp73t_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6upv9iuv4oolv6a2orpf_thumb.jpg]

Hey, your stuff is always pretty cool Big Grin
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

(02-25-2013, 04:45 AM)lda17h Wrote: Hey, your stuff is always pretty cool Big Grin

Thanks, glad you like Smile Adapting free models to be Xonotic players is fun... less for the weight painting heh. In this case I modified the mesh and texture myself from Gak, so it was a lot more work. But I'm happy with how it looks.

Nice work! Big Grin It looks a bit skinny compared to that head, but not a big thing. Anyway, is it based on Gak?

EDIT: Of course it's based on the gak, I'm stupid. Tongue

The download links do not work for me.


None of the links work anymore ... *sighs* would anyone be willing to share the files with me?


(01-19-2016, 06:35 AM)Mario Wrote:

You're welcome.

Thanks for the help with that! I still have and use mine, but wasn't sure where to upload them. Funny to see the list and realize how many custom playermodels for Xonotic I did years ago :o

Just discovering this game and loving it.  Now I'm on to custom models...and they are very rare.  These links here are dead.  Is there any way to re-up the links?  I do have a bounty of old Q3 models from the old Polycount web page.

I've updated the links in my post.
[Image: 230.png]

None of the links work for me

The gratis links are working for me, though I do need to right-click each one, copy the link's address and paste that into the address bar for it to download. Not entirely sure why that is the case, but I can at least confirm the links to be working.
[Image: 230.png]

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