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Tutorial (basics) - Howto edit a playerskin/texture.

I was looking for how to... you know, simply edit an players skin and stare at it in game.
This is what I learnt today. (Thanks to the devs and the nice folks over at #xonotic.editing and the (good) crazy and brilliant MirceaKitsune for the Sandbox gamemode!)

In ten steps:
  1. Install the Git-version of Xonotic.
  2. Locate the Git version dir: data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/textures/
  3. Open e. g: ignishead.tga in say GIMP.
  4. Edit to your liking and save. (Make a backup of the file first...)
  5. Start xonotic & open the console.
  6. Input command: g_sandbox 1 <then press enter>
  7. Change map by command: map xoylent <then press enter>
  8. Close the console by pressing the ESC-key on your keyboard.
  9. Press the F7-key on your keyboard for the Sandbox menu.
  10. In the field input model: models/player/ignis.iqm <then press the Spawn button to the right>
[Image: KLENQpm.jpg]

Oh gawd, it's so.. so beautiful... Heart

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