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[FIXED] Weird Glitch on Glowplant

Hey all,

Im new, just started playing about a month ago, and I was playing on Glowplant in version 0.6.0, and I realized something strange.

First, go into the main area, and stand on the cryolink.

Then, go forward, down the stairs.

Take a right, towards the Machine Gun.

Then, when you pick up the Machine Gun, drop off that ledge in front of you, and turn 180 degrees

There is the cyrolink, where you started.

It appears to be an infinite loop, as I spent five minutes going through that routine, trying to figure it out.
One of my friends suggested maybe an invisible teleporter, which could be a possibility, as it does work both ways.

Try it for yourselves.

It may be just a glitch, I have no way of telling.
Thanks for your time.
Screenshots here:

[Image: gP4dLCn.gif]


I just made myself look like a total noob, didnt I?


There is a tricky so called "warpzone" placed near the Mega Armor, which makes this possible. You can find such a teleporter-like thing on the map Stormkeep for example. It's just invisible at Glow Plant. Wink

(06-23-2013, 10:35 PM)t0x1n Wrote: I just made myself look like a total noob, didnt I?

Sort of Smile

As Mirio told you already, that thing is called a "warpzone". It's a single plane of entity that connects two separate places on the map seamlessly. You can see through it, move through it, shoot through it, toss objects through it etc.
Normally, you can turn off warpzone rendering by turning off reflective surfaces in the effects menu in the settings window. However, for obvious gameplay reasons, Glowplant forces it to be on. It might still accept reflection quality settings, in that case you'll see where the warpzone is, because it'll be blurry.
Also, older video cards that doesn't support a specific shader function won't be able to render warpzones at all, in that case you'll see a green wavy grid.

Warzones were originally developed for Nexuiz, but the technology was never used in it. It was one of the major new features Xonotic brought on the pallette. The first map that featured warpzones was "Space elevator". Stormkeep got a major gameplay boost, as it connects two tactically important parts of the map. In the original version there was a teleporter where the warpzone is located in the Xonotic version.
In Newtonian Nightmare there are laser guarded warpzones leading from the bases to the middle of the map, essentially a very fast shortcut for defenders and for attackers, who managed to disable the laser grid temporarly.

Funny thing: Glowplant has another hidden warpzone. Wink
[Image: 561.png]
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So I read we collect maps with warpzones in this thread? Big Grin


Moar please Big Grin
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I pronounce it Shonotic.

Dafuq did I just see? :-D
Also, why is it not in master?!
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"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."


(06-24-2013, 03:15 AM)C.Brutail Wrote: [quote='t0x1n' pid='59731' dateline='1372044939']

Sort of Smile

I knew it. Thanks, Balli. :/

Thanks for the explanation, the more you know... Smile


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