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How to start LAN game with custom map on Quake?

I'm using Quake with the DarkPlaces Engine installed. And I want to know wither I can play with custom maps instead of the pre-installed ones.

Or would it be easier to play Xonotic over Quake1?

Same as Xonotic: use the chmap command. If you have a map that's called maps/foo.bsp, just do
chmap foo
sv_public 0
and on the second LAN client:
using the LAN IP of the serving client.

I'm not sure about the IP address

It's the address on the LAN. You can find it out by having a look at the network interface settings in your OS.

Can I use this?

Why would you want to do that? We're talking about a LAN game here, there's no need to map internet ports.

What exactly is your problem? Did you not succeed at finding a way to know your LAN IP, or did you succeed but fail at connecting quake clients through the LAN?

I just like to use that program to see my IP so others can join Smile

Can't I select the world from Create LAN Game?
I will find my LAN IP. I need to try connecting though

Will that not show you your WAN IP?

You really don't need any extra software to show your ip. Just having a look at the network settings/status of your operating system will be enough. You can also use the ipconfig command in a console if you're in windows.

I don't know what you can do with the menu because I don't remember what quake looks like. I'm giving you a universal solution for DarkPlaces. What matters is that your hosting client or dedicated server has a map loaded, and its sv_public server cvar set to an integer higher or equal to -1 (0 should work fine for all LAN setups).

I can find my IP in the settings yes.
I found a better way and that is to make a server with all settings you want. then type
map [MAP NAME]

A better way to do what exactly? I have no idea what you think "map [MAP NAME]" does and what it replaces.

It loads a map Smile
It will kick everybody though.

Use changelevel instead.

Anyway, you didn't answer my questions. I have no idea what you're doing or trying to do, what succeeded and what still fails. Until that's made clear, I'm done with this thread Tongue

Yep the command does work good.

What I need is a way to load up a custom map.

As I said, use changelevel.

By the way, I recently realized that my first post makes use of "chmap" which I don't think exists in vanilla darkplaces. I wonder why you have said nothing about it failing.

Because I didn't want to try it Smile
I find changelevel much better!

Eh. Please understand that I try to be involved when doing support. If you're ignoring my questions or recommendations or find better alternatives, please let me know.

(08-29-2013, 11:43 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Eh. Please understand that I try to be involved when doing support. If you're ignoring my questions or recommendations or find better alternatives, please let me know.
Yes sorry I just hate stuffing around with IP's etc. and other Network problems, they are the most annoying.

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