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Invisible servers

Currently my xonotic doesn't list the servers on main menu,can't connect to one even if type it's id on the console :/
Dunno what is happening here, I think though that my ports are blocked wich prevents the game from seeing the servers...
Can I fix this somehow? -.-
If life gives ya lemons.... SHUT THE HELL UP AND EAT YOUR DAMN LEMONS!!!!!!

You don't need inbound port forwarding to play, and outbound communication usually isn't subjected to port blocking.

Do you have a firewall? Were you previously able to browse the servers and connect with the same link? What changed, and when?

Right now I am living at an apartment far away from my natal city, with it's wifi support I can't even download torrents , (blocked ports)
I speculate my firewall isn't a issue ,cause at home I could connect without any sort of problem, still , no dice if I disable it :/
If life gives ya lemons.... SHUT THE HELL UP AND EAT YOUR DAMN LEMONS!!!!!!

If they block torrents, they might be blocking other ports... Ask your network administrator.

Is this even legal in a domestic network?

For torrents seems reasonable to bee blocked, otherwise the whole network will cripple, anyways I shall talk to the network administrator regarding my ports.
If life gives ya lemons.... SHUT THE HELL UP AND EAT YOUR DAMN LEMONS!!!!!!

Port whitelisting aren't unheard of (in public networks at least). It could be allowing only http(s), ftp, ssh and so on.

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