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[SUGGESTION] Aim-training dummy bot (fast bunny jumping without fighting back)

I found this awesome website with some flash mini-games for accuracy, reflex and reaction-time training.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to have some of these training techniques as Xonotic scenario maps, being able to test and quantify your reflexes in a real FPS?

We could have some bot that the only thing it did was jumping around at high speed. With higher acceleration/speed than what a normal player if needed, and perhaps a smaller 3D model / hitbox (a rabbit?).

Then add some HUD elements to help quantify and keep track on your performance (percentage of hits/misses, frags per minute, etc). Just like in race mode there's a HUD to check your acceleration and speed.

This might help new users to improve their skill and also attract perhaps a new player base if people from other games come and try Xonotic when looking for ways to improve their general FPS accuracy.

Maybe it would even be interesting as a new gamemode where players compete to get the most dummy frags in a map with dummy bots (and perhaps make player frags be negative frags).


That's a really good idea.
[Image: 22172.png]

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