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[NEEDS INFO] Very, very strange lags

Ever since Reversion cup I've felt lagging in Xonotic, but I've not been able to put my finger on what is lagging and why. Here are the kinds of "lags" I get:
  • Missing sounds (ie someone goes through tp and I don't hear, or I pick up mega without any sound being triggered)
  • Jumping into teleporter and coming out backwards (yes, have happened several times)
  • "Jitter", basically feels like FPS drops but my FPS is actually stable

I've had several theories, but the weird thing is that I have stable FPS and stable ping, anyone know what might cause these lags?

EDIT: I've tried both autobuild and release, also another "lag" is that I don't recieve chat messages for like 5 seconds (including my own) and then all appear at once.

When you say you've tried autobuild and release, does that mean client, server or both?

I'm wondering, aren't those two first symptoms typical of packet loss?

Yes, it's typical for pl, but how likely is it that I've been having pl, but how typical is it to have pl on different servers for such a lengthy period. I'm pretty sure it's not my internet because I play other online games regularly without lag.

I mean I've tried different client versions, not servers, I assume I've been almost exclusivly playing on autobuild because that's what most servers use, right?

Afaik, hotdog had the exact same problem (only in Xonotic, other games were not affected), and he "fixed" it by changing his GPU :/

Does this issue happen in local/singleplayer matches?
Most popular servers run Git these days, I haven't noticed any such problems or heard anyone else mention it.

If you are getting the spikes locally, there may indeed be something worse than network troubles in action here, but it sounds like packet loss to me.
Have you tried with a fresh config.cfg? (in game console, type "which config.cfg" and rename/move the file it lists in your file explorer).
[Image: 230.png]

I had this too this week. Weird thing was: no packet loss was reported by Xonotic and my ping was fine too. I rebooted my new router and it was gone. I will probably need to do this every once in a while now.

Are there situations possible where there is substantial packet loss to the point of it being unplayable, but Xonotic does not report it?
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I have that sound problem too.
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