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[SUGGESTION] Botskill too low

Hey Forums!

did something change with the botskill? i don't remember the bots being so easy. having had that impression since the 0.8 update. i am not a very good player but can't get the bots to be anywhere near challenging.
the skill variable is still working right?

Maybe you've got better. Smile

Smile sure i improved but not that much as to explain how unchallenging i find playing against xonotic bots these days... they seem to get stuck in quite some places on Fuse for example...

other people playing against bots or is that something uncommon these days? Smile


Bots depend on way points which are not done very well on some maps. Bot skill is ok. Maps are not optimized for them. Until that gets fixed which i doubt will be anytime soon, stick to maps where you see bots act "normal"
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

They just mostly spam shotgun and slap. Can't bunnyhop or jump, very easy to outmanouver.

Bots are supposed to bunnyhop on higher skill settings. Maybe try increasing bot skill in the Multiplayer>Create menu.
Their AI has not been changed recently (infact, most of their code has remained unchanged since Nexuiz times), it is very likely you've improved beyond their usefulness by playing online.
[Image: 230.png]

Some bots know how to air rocket-jump and save themselves from falling into an abyss, my jaw drops every time I see that Big Grin

Bots should at least play like the duelers so its challenging Smile

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