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My first post belongs here

My first thread and post belongs here, in the Off Topic forum. Isn't it obvious? That's what my whole existence is all about! (btw, the smileys no work)

Now that i have your attention i demand special treatment so i can haz a cheezeburgler and a 2-letter name!
4m038105 - Be the change.

Smillies actually work well Smile Or at least i hope you can see they do Huh

However, you are right, there is no extra smilies panel on the 'quick edit' field.. only if you press "preview" or "full edit"

Oh, at least :-) does not work.. keep the - away and you get a smiley. Strange indeed.
Real signature is still in production!

My first post belongs here too! :3

Welcome aboard!

i ment clicking on the emoticons on the side pane didn't work. (and still don't)

which side pane wtf? Huh

In advanced reply option I think he means.
Xonotic Assasins!

Quote:<tChr^nsb> home
* pughar gives tChr^nsb a cookie
<Liquid-Sin> no cookies for me?
<pughar> gave the last one to him Smile
<Liquid-Sin> my luck...


(Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this disclaimer is to be able to post a short reply.)

Whenever you create a thread you have smily options. I think that's what he is talking about.

It shall remain a mystery. Forever!

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