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Screenshots of what you're doing.

Well if I must. Mega points to anyone that can find me a nice skybox and a similar but higher quality floor texture.

[Image: hydrox4.jpg]

(04-23-2010, 03:07 AM)sev Wrote: Some neutral skyboxes will be quite useful. Looking good, morfar.
(Though you should use thumbnails Wink )

I'm not really a fan of this "ultra high res" idea.
I prefer uncompressed images over high res jpg images. It doesn't make too much of a difference in quality anyway:

Distant Sunset (jpg, 2048*2048*6, zoom factor 8)
Newsky Asteroids (tga, 1024*1024*6, 4 times smaller in overall image size, zoom factor 8)

Anyway, the image-quality of textures should not be measured by resolution.
(Sorry for the deviation)

With all due respect I completely disagree based on experience. If you have a look at the first and last revisions of space elevator

the early one had 1024x1024 tga pictures, 11Mb (if were jpg maybe 1.5Mb)
the last had 2048x2048 @ 95% quality pictures, 3Mb

there is a clear difference in quality with the 2048x2048 being much better with and without being zoomed on.
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

Jpeg quality percentage also plays a role.

I could make a texture like that for you sepelio. how big do you want it?
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

1024^2 would be good thanks Big Grin

Let me go Off Topic, please Big Grin
(04-27-2010, 07:49 AM)Sepelio Wrote: 1024^2 would be good thanks Big Grin
1024^2 = 1024*1024 = 1 048 576 pixels
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(04-27-2010, 08:01 AM)unfa Wrote: Let me go Off Topic, please Big Grin
(04-27-2010, 07:49 AM)Sepelio Wrote: 1024^2 would be good thanks Big Grin
1024^2 = 1024*1024 = 1 048 576 pixels

Just like the rest of the textures I've made for the map... well most of them Big Grin

here ya go. let me know if you want anything changed, and any other maps you would like me to make. to get it, right click on it and select "save as" Wink


I release this texture under the GPL license.. use it well.

also, you don't have to give me credit, but it would be nice Smile
Master of mysterious geometries

Imgur Gallery

Oh awesome. I just finished the first (beta) map version but I'll put this texture into the next! Thanks!
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Found this model while searching through my old stuff. Made quite some time ago and only a model so far, but perhaps it could be useful? Released under GPL 2.0 (or 3.0 if Xonotic needs it). 906 triangles.

[Image: megahealth.png]

Here's a general question: Does anyone else miss the old and original health pickup models from the early Nexuiz? The small disk, the large megahealth, and those boxes on the floor.

That looks cool, but I think the quake ring might be used as a frame. The cross itself is cool.

A facing worlds-like map

read the rules, please!
it says thumbnails

Text links are acceptable too. The reason for thumbnails is that it's more bandwidth friendly, and you can browse the forum on a cellphone too.
DeadOnArrival, not bad for starting, though I don't recommend to use Nexuiz's "low resolution" textures.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

[Image: 93uyus27hq0g2c8c5isl_thumb.jpg]
New default HUD for Xonotic.

Just kidding Smile, that's in fact the new HUD _system_ in Xonotic, the "panelhud". All the panels are not only freely placeable and resizeable with the mouse, but their alpha, color, border size and background can be freely chosen with a couple of cvars Smile. So in that shot you see the vars all screwed up to make it look like a real PB HUD Cool

You can test it through the fruitiex/newpanelhud branch in xonotic-data.pk3dir/
The defaults are terrible, I'll leave those for a better artist to take care of later Smile. Fix them yourself with _hud_configure 1 Wink
Also other hud cvars can be found under the names hud_*
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You had me scared for a minute Smile I like the sound of all of those options. Can't wait to see a finalized version of it.

I dunno about that hud. The current hud is continuous, a smooth bar across the bottom. The hud you have there is several discrete modules, there is no continuity or smoothness.

[Image: ulq9484yj0ha2j7bm7s_thumb.jpg]

Oblivion did the model+textures.
Lots of help from tZork.
div0 helped with fitting the model into the bbox.
The amateur animations/rigging were done by me. I will try to continuously improve them. No one else seemed to be willing to do any.

Finally, got around to fixing the animations. The model is now in git. Please test.

NOTE: I scaled the weapon model down because scaling does something strange with iqm or the engine does something strange. If you do test the weapon model will look oversized.

In the works:
Pyria - This is done just need to fix one small texture issue.
Ignis - Need to finish animations.

(05-12-2010, 10:22 PM)Roanoke Wrote: I dunno about that hud. The current hud is continuous, a smooth bar across the bottom. The hud you have there is several discrete modules, there is no continuity or smoothness.
That's right, but this system allows you to create an almost 100% replica of the old HUD. Allow me to demonstrate:
[Image: s3ablxwy9vpl1uud3or1_thumb.jpg]
Or without progressbars if you want it to look even more like the old HUD:
[Image: iap56ekm5rmlu6n3r1n0_thumb.jpg]

All of this is doable without any code changes, so any user will be able to place the HUD items like they want to. They can add their custom skins like I just did to make it look almost just as they want. The only limitation is how the stuff is organized within the panels themselves, but I'm trying to add as much customizability here too as possible. The entire point in organizing it in panels is to help editing the HUD. Imagine if everything on the HUD was freely moveable, you'd end up with a nightmare aligning stuff up the GUI way, which most users will use anyway if such a thing is available (you can align via cvars too, but that takes more time). When you've aligned up the panels as you want to, you can make them invisible like I did in the screenshots above.
Yay. Even more accurate clone? Wink
[Image: ygiy28zk1lxckc1acbwu_thumb.jpg]
(ps. that yellow bar is fuel, and is only visible when you have fuel)
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Umm... wrong thread.
Would be more suiting in Offtopic.
edit: Well at least there was a thrice dratted screenshot in the bleedin post Tongue
And how do you know I'm not actually Raphael Sadiq and stealing Nexuiz is what I'm doing, ay?
ok, was off topic Tongue
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Excellent job !!!
Can't wait !

[Image: 2emsx9h60szeh88aoj9b_thumb.jpg]

[Image: byp6gkpe7fecnkmv6y2e_thumb.jpg]

[Image: jl4srvdtdij60d3gtnn_thumb.jpg]

[Image: z6k20emvh81atxr5jhji_thumb.jpg]

[Image: e0wihflieuh1hgugzy4a_thumb.jpg]

[Image: ajph6ebk87h1212kvdu_thumb.jpg]

[Image: zse1dm9gqztvtn15d4_thumb.jpg]

its glowarena

Cortez666 wins a gibcake

Layout is changed around a bit tough, and visuals upgraded.

Back in 1.x days I loved that map very much.
Awesome job as always!
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

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