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Hello guys my name is Tomas but in here you can call Tomazas
nice to see you all still rolling and fraging
soo i am decided to make account in here to cheek forums
by the way im not new started since 2015 been playing sometimes with bots and mp also, but not very active my apologize for that, you know life stuff
im not very good player especially in duels because i get beat crap out i prefer more dm
do not worry guys there wont be problems with me only with my ping lol damm i hate my ping
soo if you guys see me in some random server just come by and say hi or call for duel

Hello and welcome!

(04-09-2017, 09:57 PM)-z- Wrote: Hello and welcome!
thanks man


Hello! Good luck, have fun, and happy fragging.
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Hello, have fun!

Thank you guys for welcoming, hope i will see you all game


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