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[NEED HELP] Strange input lag and graphics lag in 0.8.2

First, I've played Xonotic 0.8.1 for a long time, It's a great game I love it, I can even play it at the highest graphics settings without any lag or issue. However, when I attempted to try out Xonotix 0.8.2 things went differently. There is a strange input lag and the screen freezes for a split second, it's almost unplayable because it gets choppy and lags. And I do have the decent hardware and brand new desktop computer, not a laptop, running windows 10 with 8Gb RAM, 3.10+ GHz QUAD CORE AMD CPU, Graphics Nvidia GTX 950. It's very strange, I would think the new 0.8.2 release wouldn't have this issue on this quality of hardware I have. I heard something about the new weapon models that may or may not cause the issue. Can somebody please help me out on this. I have now been using the old 0.8.1 release for the time being because I can at least play it. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S I have already tried to change options in 0.8.2 to attempt to resolve the issue. I have the latest graphics driver. My computer is up to date Windows 10 Home x64.

Have you tried both xonotic.exe and xonotic-wgl.exe? Are there any error messages in the console (Shift+Esc)?

Yes I have tried both xonotic.exe and xonotic-wgl.exe, the x86 exe and x86-wgl.exe suffered less lag than the x64. No errors in the console. But since a few Windows updates, a registry cleaning, and a disk defrag, it has been relatively smooth running the x64 xonotic.exe, with the occasional tiny bit of lag. Still, this may be a bug for other users so perhaps keep this thread open just in case unless I'm some noob (I don't know xonotic command line commands very well). What does the -wgl stand for anyway? I searched it but came up with nothing but company names lol. W Something openGL? Is it true that the new weapon models may or may not cause some lag in the 0.8.2 update?

Quote:W Something openGL?

Yeah, sort of, it's a higher level API on top of OpenGL for windows,

Quote:Is it true that the new weapon models may or may not cause some lag in the 0.8.2 update?

The engine renders triangles.  A higher poly count (number of faces on an object), is directly correlated with a higher number of triangles.  The more triangles the engine renders, the more work it's doing per frame.  The more work per frame, the more demanding the minimum hardware requirements.

Short answer, yes.  This could cause lower FPS on lower range cards.  Xonotic has historical been very good at being accessible to older hardware.  These models likely increase the minimum requirements, but you can gain back some performance by lowering the effects.

On top of that, video card drivers may implement things slightly different, I can't speak for windows, but I know I can't play TF2 on Linux because there is a certain effect that just crashes me, because the drivers didn't implement it properly (that's a pretty extreme example).  Input lag is another example.

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