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[BUG] Grappling hook breaks if no new key is pressed while it is midair (new since 8.2)

Currently I have following problem with the off-hand grappling hook, it is best explained with following timeline:
  1. start pressing "e" (and keep holding it for the whole duration of this timeline, without any other inputs)
  2. hook flies correctly to target wall
  3. hook pulls me in for a fraction of a second
  4. hook cancels and immediately starts recasting hook
  5. the hook now cancels and recasts untold times per second, never moving more than arms length
Basically you would get the same effect if after the hook connects to the wall you would start releasing/pressing the "e" key about 100 times per second.

The interesting thing is that if you start pressing a new movement key during step 2, it will behave correctly and stay connected. 

I only have this bug since 8.2, on 8.1 it works correctly. I tried redownloading 8.2 which didn't change anything.
I'm running xonotic on Ubuntu 16.10. It does not matter if i make my own server or join any other with the hook enabled.
On my mac this bug does not appear in  8.2.

I had the same problem. It looks like Xonotic registers the keypress 2 times.
I solved it disabling ibus  (look at the first answer here:
[Image: 95873.png]

Ty a lot, this fixed it for me!
Still, somebody might want to look into how xonotic conflicts with ibus, but it's definitely no priority.

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