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[SUGGESTION] Relic Duels (game mode)

Xonotic - Relic Duels

Duel (1v1) mode with the Relics Mutator (Xonotic Relics Wiki).

This idea is basically a copy of the Quake Champions Duel mode, using Relics instead of Champions. Recently, I watched a lot of games from the recent Quake Con, and I found the Duel games very entertaining, and thought that this type of mode might work here!?

Rounds are 5 minutes in length (with sudden death if drawn)
  • Players select 3 Relics to play with.
  • The players start the game with their first Relic selected.
  • All Relic’s have both a passive and active bonus.
  • The Relic’s active bonus is manually triggered by the player, when triggered its effect lasts for X seconds. Once used, there is a cooldown of Y seconds before it can be triggered again.
  • The Relic is lost when the player dies.
  • When the player respawns they start with the next Relic selected.
  • The first player to lose all 3 Relics loses the game.
  • The game ends after 5 minutes, with the player having lost the least number of Relics being declared the winner. If drawn, the game goes into sudden death, with the player making the next kill the winner.
  • Players can not select the same Relics.
Relics are “triggered” and last for X seconds (10?). Once triggered a Relic is unavailable for Y seconds (60?). A new timer picked could be added, which would reduce the cooldown timer on the Relic.

An example of a Relic and its abilities could be the Resistance relic - the passive could be an armor regeneration, +1 every second (max 75) and the active could be an instant 75 armor boost.

There are 16 Relics, not all would be suited for this game mode, but a lot would.

So, anyone agree?

Below is the list of Relics from the wiki, I've added the possible Passive and Active texts, also some comments in italics and a 17th possible Relic.

1 - Resistance: The Resistance relic protects the player carrying it, by making him take less damage. Does not work while you have the Shield powerup.
Passive: +1 Armor per second while under 75 Armor (starts with 50 Armor).
Active: Instant +75 Armor

2 - Regeneration: This relic slowly regenerates the carrier’s health. It’s not available when normal health regeneration is enabled, and therefore will not spawn by default.
Passive: +5 Health per second while under 120 Health
Active: Instant +50 Health

3 - Vampire: The carrier of this relic is healed based on the damage he deals to his opponent. This relic will not spawn when the vampire mutator is enabled.
Passive: 5% of the damage done to the opponent, is added to the carriers health.
Active: 20% of damage done, added to life, also damage increased by 20% for 5 seconds.

4 - Ammo: Slowly grants ammo of all types to the owner. Except fuel when the fuel_regen item is owned.
This would only be useful if the ammo pick amounts are decreased for all weapon/ammo pickups, possibly also lowering the maximum amounts.

5 - Damage: The weapons of those who have this relic do more damage. Does not work while you have the Strength powerup.
Passive: All damage done is increased by 5%
Active: All damage done is increased by 50% for 5 seconds.

6 - Splash Damage: When the holder shoots someone, the damage is transmitted to those around the victim, harming them as well.
Makes no sense for a duel gameplay mode

7 - Firing Speed: The player’s weapons fire faster.
Passive: Cooldown/Reload times reduced by 5%
Active: Cooldown/Reload times reduced by 50% for 5 seconds.

8 - Disability: A player shot by the owner of this relic is cursed for several seconds. Curses include: Slower movement, lower jump height, slower firing rate.
Passive: none.
Active: When hit, the opponent becomes affected by various disabilities for 5 seconds.

9 - Team Boost: Players carrying this relic boost team mates that get close to them. The boost also lasts for a few seconds after they leave the carrier’s radius. This relic will only spawn in team games.
Makes no sense for a duel gameplay mode

10 - Speed: Owners of this relic can run faster.
Passive: Base speed is increased by 10%
Active: Base speed is increased by 100% for 5 seconds, also if the holder dumps into the opponent, this causes 80 points charge damage.

11 - Jump: Helps the player jump higher.
No real benefit

12 - Flight: Players fly around when they pick up this relic (just like observers)
Too gimmicky for a duel gameplay mode

13 - Invisibility: The player becomes transparent, making him harder to see and hit. This relic will not spawn when the cloaked mutator is enabled.
Passive: none.
Active: The player becomes completely invisible for 5 seconds. While invisible, the player cannot take damage, or deal damage (cannot fire weapons).

14 - Radioactive: Those who get too close to the holder of this relic will take damage.
Passive: The opponent will take minor damage if to close.
Active: The next shot after activating the effect, will cause the shot to be radioactive - which adds a Damage Over Time (DOT) effect to the short, if the opponent is hit they will take 75 points extra damage over 5 seconds (15 per second).

15 - Resurrection: If you die while holding this relic, you will be revived with your health to default spawn value. The relic then respawns in a different location. Does not work for suicides.
Makes no sense for a duel gameplay mode

16 - Vengeance: When the carrier dies, he causes a big explosion that harms anyone who is close. The relic then respawns in a different location. Does not work for suicides.
Makes no sense for a duel gameplay mode

17 - Reveal: Allows the holder to see the opponent wherever they are (within a certain range) - including invisible players?
Passive: none.
Active: The holder will be able to see the opponent wherever they are (similar to the spectator mode) for 5 seconds.

Obviously all the values need to be discussed and balanced correct, I've just added some as examples...

This is a very interesting idea. We can be creative on the keybind (such as holding down a key and then use key 1, 2, or 3, for the relic) so I don't think we should let that stop us.
Is there a server with this to try out?

@BuddyFriendGuy, regarding the key bindings, are you suggesting the player should be able to switch runes while playing? As this mode would require a program change, I doubt there are any servers with it available...

@munyul, sorry for the late reply. Switching runes is a possibility but I'm not sure about whether that makes sense or not. I just meant that we aren't short of keybind space.

Could someone please provide the gitlab link to the current Relic game mod?

I've had a quick look around here, but couldn't find what I was looking for:


I think relics were turned into buffs (g_buffs) and the wiki is just massively outdated.
[Image: 30381.jpg]

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