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Tech texture set by Cr4zy now officially distributed under GPLv2+ license

Hey guys, some people around there probably already know the Tech texture set by Cr4zy. That's a texture set initially made for Unreal Tournament 3 so it fits well techy arena shooters and it mixes very well with the PK02 texture set:

[Image: Tech_Tex_Preview.jpg]

Some months ago I asked Cr4zy if it was possible to relicense it under the CC By SA 3.0 texture to makes things easier for Unvanquished because the previous copyright wording was not very compatible with our other licences, and Cr4zy relicensed them under CC By SA 3.0. Blush

I just asked Cr4zy if he could also license them under GPLv2+ to make Xonotic team's life easier. In fact it looks to be already kinda possible to mix them with Xonotic assets since CC By SA 3.0 is compatible with CC By SA 4.0 which has a special clause to be compatible with GPLv3+ which is by definition compatible with GPLv2+. But you see the kind of headaches one can get while reading kilometers of boring legal wording to check the status of a given file. Big Grin


Quote:From: Thomas “illwieckz” Debesse <*****@****>
Date: 2018-09-29 04:58 CEST
Subject: Re: [Unvanquished] license clarification for tech texture set
To: Scott “Cr4zy” Coxhead <*****@*****>

Hi Scott, our friends of the free open source Xonotic shooter are very interested in your texture set too. If you don't know that game, that's a great arena shooter with some lineage from both quake and unreal, then your texture set will fit perfectly ! If you don't know that game, check it out. ;-)
They distribute both code and assets under GPLv2+ license and it looks like there is some “bridge” between cc by sa 4.0 (the cc by sa 3.0 is compatible with) and gplv3 license (the gplv2+ is compatible with) but it would prevent people headaches if the gplv2+ compatibility is explicitely stated.
Would you allow them to include your Tech set within their asset repository under the GPLv2+ umbrella they put on? As said it looks already OK but a simple statement like that will save anyone from reading kilometers of legal texts anytime there is a need to check the legal consistency of the whole. :-)

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


Quote:From: Scott “Cr4zy” Coxhead <*****@*****>
Date: 2018-09-30 08:24 CEST
Subject: Re: [Unvanquished] license clarification for tech texture set
To: Thomas “illwieckz” Debesse <*****@*****>

Hey, yeah that's fine by me.


You can have a look at Unvanquished's tex-tech pak as an inspiration for inclusion in Xonotic (you probably have to port the shader to Xonotic): UnvanquishedAssets/tex-tech_src.dpkdir

Note that if you download the original archive from Cr4zy's website you will still find the old legal wording but be sure they are now distributed under both CC By SA 3.0 and GPLv2+. Wink
This comment is licensed under cc by 4 and antecedent.

Nice one, but it needs some shaders for xonotic
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The shared_tech.shader from Unvanquished:
I guess it would not be hard to translate it to Xonotic
This comment is licensed under cc by 4 and antecedent.

I have created a directory tree to classify/sort/arrange the textures and have written shaders to every texture also.

Now I need to test my shaders to fine-tune the glossyness of metals, the glass material, decals, etc. so I'll open
a new thread when the work is done.

P.D: It would be very interesting if someone convert the 3x included models from ASE to OBJ. I've tried to write
the necessary shaders with no success as these ASE models are using a lot of Materials/Submaterials that I
don't understand. OBJ model format is a very simple format, that is why I'm suggesting it.

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