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Textures: Tabun Decals

Tabun Decals Texture Set

License: “license-free material, use freely -- but please give credit where due.
Author: Tabun

Another small set, this time with blood splatters, cracks, leaks, stains, etc.

30 textures in total, some of them with a good size and quality.


As a note, the textures are color-inverted and with a black background, but once
the colors are "reinverted" through the shaders, the background turns white so the
blend mode must be Multiplicative:

blend equation: (source * 0) + (dest * (1 - source))
shader directive: blendFunc GL_ZERO GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR

"souce" represents the texture itself whereas “dest” is the content of the frame
buffer or, in other words, the background with which to blend the texture.

This is the shader:

    qer_editorImage textures/tabun_decals/blood/blood01.tga

    polygonOffset        // render it slightly separated from the surface to avoid z-fight
    noPicMip             // ignore user-set values for the r_picmip cvar (textures resolution)

    surfaceparm trans
    surfaceparm nonsolid
    surfaceparm nolightmap

        map textures/tabun_decals/blood/blood01.tga
        rgbGen vertex

Remarks: “surfaceparm nolightmap” and “rgbGen vertex” shader directives are
used to set these textures to be vertex-lit, so they are faster to render than
if they were lightmapped, but take this into consideration: the surfaces where
you will use these decals will require vertices exposed to the light source.

Any comments are really appreciated.

Source thread:
Source file:

?dl=1 in link for instant dl!

(12-14-2018, 03:31 AM)Garux Wrote: ?dl=1 in link for instant dl!

Link edited, Thanks for the tip Wink


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