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Textures: Techy

Techy Texture Set

License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Author: Scott "Cr4zy" Coxhead (

Original textures are here:

This is an excelent set with some base/ceiling concrete, base metals, metal floors,
metal walls, a few trims, vents and a crate, all as metal elements.

As a complement or addon I have created some new textures/materials for this set:

- Stainless Steel and Gold metals (don't ask why)
- A few text decals
- A glass texture with some variants
- Red/blue variants of a few trims
- Red/blue/yellow variants of almost all the wall textures




▲ A few decals...

▲ ... and trims

Any comments are really appreciated.


▲ more trims or wall-breaks

▲ Normal and dpReflect versions of glass...

▲ ... casting colored shadows


That looks terrific! Good work!
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Solid pack! Well done, sir!

Updated the post with download link Wink


how do I get these into radiant? How do I make my own textures?
minstanex erebus Angel

Typical file paths for a GNU/Linux system are:


I have no idea of file paths for Windows.

The texture pack is a zip file wich contains a scripts folder and a textures folder, so simply unpack it in /home/username/.xonotic/data


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