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Why Xonotic isn't as popular

(02-28-2019, 06:34 PM)martin-t Wrote: [1]Smile, _para the discord link will be added shortly, i think we wanted to do it a long time ago and then forgot about it.... which makes me wonder how people manage to find it anyway.

[2]_para the campaign should/could probably include tips and then there's the tutorial Spike is/was working on, though he seems busy with other things nowadays. If you know mapping, ask him about the status and he might tell you how to help.

1) I somehow stumbled upon it via google or the forum directing me to the thread where it's linked.

2) Sounds good. Maybe having tailored maps with simple explanatory graphics and minimal text are enough. Or animated models.

And that this is the most popular one sounds good to me. One more reason to start pushing the marketing.
I mean you could wait for it to be finished to have the greatest potential that new players will stick or you present it as unfinished community project and maybe attract some devs to finish it.
In the long run and regarding how long xon now survives with our quite active core community the second options sounds quite plausible to me. Then new players also would see some progress which keeps them interested even if not in the gameplay at first which could bridge the time it takes to really learn the gameplay.

Xonotic is not popular because people are stupid.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Kansas USA - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

I get to know about Xonotic while looking for a linux-friendly and lightweight multiplayer FPS. At first i looked in GNOME Software, where i found Red Eclipse. But there were very few people, menu was very-very complicated, mechanics itself was also too complicated (i am a complete newbie in arena FPS), and i don't know, it just did not touch me.

Then i went to Steam and found CS-GO and TF2, which i played last time 15 ago. It was nostalgic but i also did not find what i wanted. I even wanted to try Alien Arena, which is also on Steam, for 2USD or smth, but i also was interested in smth more "linuxish".

So (ba-dum-tss!) i googled smth like "best open\free games linux, fps linux" etc. And actually Xonotic IS rather POPULAR in that sense. For example it is #2 in Slant ( among ALL opensource games. It is listed on ItsFOSS (

What made me suspicious about Xonotic was, no offense really, little bit dated look of a website, no, it is fine, just you can think that it was made long ago. And Xonotic Blog with latest post of JULY 2018 made me think that project is probably droped. But i decided to give a try.

And, man, it's AWESOME. Like in EVERYTHING. I have discovered few in-game tech problems (Segmentation fault bugs(?)), but they was not large.

Yes, it would be helpful for newbies to have IN-GAME better tutorial for weapons and movement like in Team Fortress 2. But i think it is a lot of hard work to make it, and it is not really MUST-MUST have. And that's all for the game itself.

Too much\too many people on servers. Difficult space maps for newbies (yes, they are). It is a gamer-base problem i guess. Maybe it can help to have 24/7 NEWBIE_Server with (T)DM and simple maps. Where top players will have little interest to play and you won't be killed/pushed every 5 secs. Maybe. But also it is not such a big deal. If you like arena FPS you will probably adapt sooner or later.

So, as it seems from a newbie newcomer main problem with Xonotic popularity is marketing, SMM, PR. More videos on Tubes, more posts in social networks can maybe raise game popularity. Also presence on different platforms like GNOME software and Steam (i am not a fan of it, and yes, i have read Steam related topic). Of course it is hard to do it without money and it is probably a barrier for or all opensource projects. By the way i did not find "Donate" page on website. Maybe it will make sense.

Well, Xonotic and Red Eclipse are the only 100% FLOSS FPS that I encountered. All other usually have some non-free assets. The most common being CC BY-NC. And Red Eclipse has some totalitarian dev.

(05-10-2019, 08:33 AM)Lyberta Wrote: Well, Xonotic and Red Eclipse are the only 100% FLOSS FPS that I encountered. All other usually have some non-free assets. The most common being CC BY-NC. And Red Eclipse has some totalitarian dev.
Btw, with great interest i have read your notes on libre gaming, i hope this ecosystem will develop.

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