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Sourcing a skybox

I've recently been working on a map and have just discovered the skybox I was using was not a stock Xonotic one but was instead tied to a particular map (dissocia) - I don't know the license status of that skybox so I don't know if I would be allowed to package it with my map. I also can't find more details on that map that might resolve this.
So, I'm looking to source or create a new skybox. The needs are simple enough - dark stormy clouds. Anyone know any good candidates or any good tutorials that might help me make one myself?

Maybe this will help you create your own Skybox :
1 Space Scape (Space Scape Creating A Universe)
2 Gimp (BGE, Gimp - Making a skybox from an image)
3 Photoshop  (HOW TO PAINT CLOUDS in photoshop) (Create Custom Skybox for Unity with Photoshop) (How To Make a Unity Skybox with Photoshop) (How to Paint Nebula Skybox, Photoshop Blender Unity3D [timelapse]) (Tutorial: Creating a Nebula/Space scene in Photoshop by Qehzy)
4 Blender (Blender Series: Create A Video Game Skybox) (How to Make Realistic Clouds in Blender (100% PROCEDURAL!)) (Clouds Tutorial for Blender Cycles)
5 How to Paint Clouds?
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Hipshot skyboxes are there:

Oh, I have found it:

Skyboxes generated by that tool are acceptable to use. The tool itself is licensed under the unlicense. Source.
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Seems that it's amazing how skybox can be created inside game. The tutorials from DarkFox are good!

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