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Moonprison: A nice custom skybox that I don't know how to use yet

Hi all,

I'll be going away for the next few days, so I'll have Internet but I won't be able to work on my map. I'm really sorry it's been taking so long, especially since what I've been trying to do is so simple Sad

So I went and made the skybox I was thinking of: the moon peeking out between the shadows of giant pipes. I used the photo Albuquerque Moon by Jason Bache (CC-BY) and Trak's "pipez" textures (MIT x11 licence) in GIMP, so I'm not quite sure what license the new skybox is under but I don't see anything restricting making derivatives.

I thought it would fit my map "L7" a lot better than using a plain black skybox or making it yet another space map, and hopefully it will be useful to anyone looking for a bit more variety in skyboxes.

Anyway, here it is:


(the other sides are pitch black)

Now, the reason why I can't use it is simple: I can't find any information on how to get it to show up in NetRadiant. I've found some things that are sort of close: an Urban Terror skybox tutorial (which references a "shaderlists.txt" file that isn't in since that one does nothing for me), a Tremulous guide from the included wiki (which tells me how to package the final .pk3 but not how to get Netradiant to load them), and a Quake 3 tutorial (which tells me I need a mapname.shader file in the scripts folder, but that doesn't do anything and existing maps I've looked at don't always stick to that convention).

Thanks though to all the people in the Xonotic mapping totorials thread. There's a lot of information out there, it's just hard to sort through at times..

This is all from memory, so some err's may have snuck in - consult the shander manual if it refuse to work.

you add sth like
    qer_editorimage textures/map_mymapname/mysky_ei.tga
    surfaceparm noimpact
    surfaceparm nolightmap
    surfaceparm nomarks
    surfaceparm sky
    skyparms textures/map_mymapname/mysky  - -
to data/scripts/map_yournamename.shader
The images for your skybox goes in textures/map_mymapname/mysky/ as mysky_[bk|dn|ft|lf|rt|up].ext
Lastly make sure map_yournamename is listed in data/scripts/shaderlist,txt

you likely want "sun" params such as q3map_sun and/or q3map_skylight in there too - see the q3 shader manual for how those work.

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