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[META] How to Install CTS maps offline, including compatability changes

This guide is gonna show you how to install, and configure CTS or DeFraG maps for Xonotic. The first part is going to show you how to install maps for offline play with the correct settings, and then we'll delve into testing configs and enabling weapons. The first part assumes you're installing the maps from your dlcache after downloading them from the XDF servers. Please note offline records are not able to show on the online servers, or on the teichisma rankings.

For further questions join the Discord here:
There is a connected IRC on QuakeNet #clanexe
YouTube link:
XDF official page:

Installing maps basics:
Linux: ~/.xonotic
Windows: C:\Users\<your_user_name>\Saved Games\xonotic
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/xonotic
    Library might be hidden on Mac so Finder won’t display it

Navigate to the config folder shown above, and enter "data". If you got the map from the game servers enter the dlcache folder. Copy the map file, either from dlcache or wherever you downloaded it to from elsewhere and paste it into the "data" folder (go up one folder if you're in dlcache)

Now load the game, or if the game was already open type "fs_rescan" to load the new map.

Execute these commands before loading the map. You can open the console with ` or ~ depending on your keyboard (the button above tab and left of 1) or by pressing shift and escape at the same time.

Effectively mandatory commands:
exec ruleset-xdf.cfg
sv_cheats 1
g_cts 1
g_respawn_delay_forced 1
g_respawn_delay_max 0
g_start_delay 0 /*no wait time for local games*/
g_norecoil 1 /*no visual recoil for shots*/
g_shootfromeye 1 /*shots originate from camra of the player*/
sys_ticrate 0.0166667 /*60 tick rate for servers*/

Now load the map with `map mapname`
Once you've loaded the map certain commands will require you running a `restart` command.

Probably wanted commands:
sv_q3compat_changehitbox 1 /*if the map has a .defi file then use q3 playersizes*/
g_playerclip_collisions 0

Testing binds:
alias noclipimpulse48 "noclip;impulse 48"
alias impulse141 "impulse 141"
"bind z noclipimpulse48;bind x kill;bind c g_waypointsprite_personal;bind v impulse141"
// z clear savestate and toggle noclip
// x kys
// c create savestate
// v restore savestate

Make use of the "apropos" search. If there's any commands listed with an asterisk (*) in them you can type `apropos g_pickup_*` and that will list all the g_pickup_ commands. This is very useful. Learn how to apropos!

Commands for weapons
g_balance_*_weaponstartoverride 1 //This gives a spawning weapon. Replace the * with whatever weapon you are wishing to start with
g_use_ammunition 1 //This means you won't have infinite ammo. 0 is for infinite ammo
g_balance_*_ammo //Use this command to change how much ammo each shot from each weapon uses. This is split into primary and secondary fire. Mostly you'll want the primary fire mode for CTS.

Commands for powerups
g_pickup_* //This can change the amount of ammo you get from each pickup, and set respawn times on pickups. Mostly this will want to be instant due to server play.
g_powerups* //Use 1 to enable powerups. This also requires you to enable each powerup individually.

Use with caution:
sv_friction 0 //This will make the whole map slick. Every surface. Only use if this is actually what you definitely want. sv_friction 6 is the default.

Common pitfalls for q3df maps:
- trigger_push_velocity usage
- complicated trigger setups
- built for ramp jump double jumps, xon just has ramp jumps with less height
- plays like garbage

Clarifications to the video:
I made some mistakes in the video. They'll be added here as they come up. Nothing major that makes it worth remaking it, but stuff to consider.
Warsow/WarFork do use different bsp formats, so often won't convert to Q3 or Xon format easily. Some maps are ported, which is why I mentioned this.
Playerclips (g_playerclip_collisions 0) are for one way walls, to stop players re-entering spawn. In Xon these can stop you exiting the spawn sometimes. Weapon shots pass through them, but players do not (unless they spawn within the bounds of a box).
The q3 hitbox (sv_q3compat_changehitbox 1) is for small gaps. I'm just dumb and couldn't make that jump with it enabled for some reason, and as it's not doable in Q3 I thought that was part of the reason why.
Health isn't technically infinite, it's just 0 self damage, and no fall damage, and nobody else can damage you. (it's permanent shield/battlesuit, which is why I said shield is barely that useful)

Thank you to Jaska for the majority of this post and the video clarifications, morosophos for the weapon commands.

See you on the server, maybe on some great new maps.

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