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[SOLVED] Crash Upon Starting Second Level After Quitting First

I'm getting very consistent crashes on multiple linux machines. Here's how I reproduce:
1. ./all run
2. Start a campaign game or Instant Action.
3. Either go back to the menu and hit Instant Action again or allow the campaign level to end normally.
4. Xonotic hangs as it is loading the next level.

The screen is just plain black. I can open the console, however, and when I enable developer debug, I get the following message as the last console entry:
"Stored host key requires a valid signature, but server did not provide any".

I tried cloning a fresh version, deleting ~/.xonotic, and recompiling, but I get the same result.

I've tried executing "restart", "r_restart", "vid_restart", "reconnect", and a couple of others to no avail...

Any thoughts?

Looks like a problem communicating with the key server. Do you have any special firewall blocking the traffic?

(06-09-2015, 10:27 PM)BuddyFriendGuy Wrote: Looks like a problem communicating with the key server. Do you have any special firewall blocking the traffic?

No - incidentally, after I posted this question I downloaded the pre-compiled binaries from and they worked fine.

I did however "solve" the problem by commenting out the offending code in crypto.c. Whether one considers disabling the error message to "fix" the error as a valid engineering approach I leave to the reader. My compiled game now no longer crashes Smile .

That being said, something funky is still going on...happy to try and track this down if you'd provide a bit more guidance, as disabling parts of the authentication code strikes me as, well...a bit sub-optimal...

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