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[NEED HELP] Certain maps crash my game :(

Certain maps seem to reliably ctd my game. (Xonotic stopped working....OK)
If i try to rejoin it just crashes upon load again until the next map and i can play fine for hours. until some maps come up.... I'll try do observe which map does it next time and report.

My PC:
gtx 980
16gb 3200
ryzen 2600
CRT @1024*768/135hz or 800*600/170hz

I can only imagine it being something with the resolutions in combination with - or just some graphics settings...?
i like to set most stuff to ultra / high...


just noticed dota crashing in a similar way.... and i had 500mhz more oc than tested stable...
propably my bad.

Same here.

You join a server, it loads graphics, starts 3d engine, you will have a very brief look of the map (less than 1 second) without join the game, then suddenly Xon exit to desktop. You restart the game, try to rejoin to same server/map, it crashes again.
In the end you wil join the game, it'll take few tries. The times I could join that maps at firts try, I notice I was often alone or with a couple of players, then players from the map before join back in minutes (when they did not change server).
All this starts with 0.8.2 version, never happened once on 0.8.1


space apple

The yard
mental gap

(they're all space floaters?)

My Xon runs mostly on "Halogene's Newbie Corner" configuration. Big Grin

Ubuntu 18.04 (dual boot Win10)
Intel i7-6700
2 monitors
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti                      2560x1440   74.60Hz  (executing XON)
Intel HD Graphics 530 (rev 06)       1920x1080   60.00Hz   (browser)
16gb 2133

I thought i was the only one. Though i fix it easily by pressing F11.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

I am guessing here: if the map is too big and complex, it might overwhelm your processor/bandwidth, which might cause time-out.
Which servers were these? Was it always the same server?

Servers are Vanilla servers, no fancy maps, no weird configurations that I feel of.
They often did not even have "change map" vote call.

About the complexity of maps, I think they are all the "standard bundle" maps which Xon come with.
I don't think they are too complex for hw configuration, I download from "fancy servers" far more big and complex maps, never had a problem.

That's why I'm here scratching my head:
entry level servers, standard maps, basic configurations, and I have no idea what could be the problem.
Is there something basic I am missing here?

I could make an error log file, with the instructions in FAQ, but it didn't work (don't know if I'm dumb or FAQ's outdated  Cool )

Ps. heard around the problem is far common that it seems.

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