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[SOLVED] crash at launch

Okay so I downloaded the game with Desura, i than go to launch the game and am greeted with a black screen that i cant ALT F4 or CTRL ALT DELETE out of, only way out is to hard reset my PC, i've tried both 32 bit and 64 bit, both do the same thing.

PC Specs are more than enough.

AMD Phenom II x2 550
4gb Ram
AMD 6870
Windows 7 x64

i've read in another thread that somebody copied there nexiuz config over to fix it, which is something i don't have, and id much prefer to play the game with my own settings than use somebody elses config.

is there any known work around to fix this without loading another config?

Try this in a terminal:
echo seta vid_fullscreen 0 >> ~/.xonotic/data/config.cfg
If you get "no such file" or a similar error, then type
mkdir -p ~/.xonotic/data
then redo the echo command above.

This will add a line to your config file that enables windowed mode. Sometimes fullscreen can be a problem.

im using Windows 7 x64

says that in original post.


Try deleting config, game will generate one on its own, you'll get to play with it, if it loads.

there is no config file, it still does it even if i put a config file there..

just wanna clarify if this is where config belongs..

C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\Xonotic\data

i also have a feeling its Desura causing it, might try the non Desura version.

i also downloaded Nexiuz and it works fine (old school version, not cryengine version, even though i have that one too Tongue)

sigh, non Desura version does the same thing, anyone able to provide me a stock config with correct location for it?

just want to get it running because it looks amazing.

Fixed, for some reason it wasn't creating a folder, had to add it manually. game works and launches in full screen now.

Odd. And just an observation, the Desura version is basically just Xonotic 0.6 installed in the desura/common folder. You could easily install through Desura and then launch Xonotic without it using the Xonotic executable(in Windows. I'm assuming Linux is the same thing though). Would be cool if Desura used an autobuild and had an "update now" option or something.

(06-14-2012, 12:49 AM)W4RP1G Wrote: Would be cool if Desura used an autobuild and had an "update now" option or something.

No. Autobuilds are not releases. They are try-at-your-own-risk nightly builds.

Also, I have to note, that copying nexuiz cfg to Xonotic is a very bad idea, some of the cvars names got changed, or values fine-tuned for Xonotic, so the two configs are not anymore 100% compatible.
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"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

if its on the quake engine, cvars that aren't in one game will just deem useless in the config, so the game will still play but only with the commands the game uses.

Sure, but old unused cvars are always confusing when they clutter the listing Smile

Also, there might be undesired effects when using nexuiz configs due to changes in default values or default cvar behaviours.

Importing configs from Nexuiz is as bad as removing random lines in your Xonotic config. You might end up with some messed up results.

You just have to copy your binds if you want to keep them.
You can set all the other crap within 5 minutes. Wink

(06-14-2012, 09:23 AM)Mirio Wrote: You just have to copy your binds if you want to keep them.
You can set all the other crap within 5 minutes. Wink

Don't have any haha, im actually new to the game, though there is a total of 4 servers in Australia, trying to get people to download and play the game over here, which is hard because they are still all wrapped up on "Cawl of Dooty"

still got quake live though while i manage to get enough players into the game.

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