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Need more vanilla/competitive CTF maps

I feel a shortage of them. (I run a server which caters to a niche of vanilla/xpm players)

Examples of preferences:
Good/Server-Favorites: Distortion, Spider Crossings, Catharsis, Palindrome, Flourescent (ct3ctf2)
If the physics are XDF or Smilecythe's XPM2 physics, people like more: Astralcity, Implosion
Not good enough to change the mode to CTF for:
Go, Xoylent_CTF (base is ok, but mid isn't really)
: <instagib maps designed for instagib but tossed in some item spawns for whatever reason>


here is already a quiet good maplist.
my personal favourites are runningman, mikectf2, bluezvsredz and hydroxon
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Moonstone is also frequently used in competitive matches.
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(10-16-2017, 12:11 PM)Antibody Wrote: Moonstone is also frequently used in competitive matches.

That is already on the server.
It's decent enough to get mentioned by Komier. It probably falls under the same category as Xoylent_CTF since both have a big field for a mid, which Vortex/sniping will eventually annoy people. Judging by favorites, the preference is probably towards middle areas that have two or more floors connecting the bases without being too big, and with bases in a way that players can't be sniped from the other side of the map.

If people feel like recommending maps, I can dump / copy and paste the file names of all map files I recognize as ctf, the server's ctf map list so they know what's already on there.

Also hydroxon is on there, but that thread is a good list too.

[Image: 38443.png]

Blue_vz_Redz (or something like that) and Runningman CTF were popular back when we used to play CTF pugs/tournaments. Also Spatium is solid.

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