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Sepelio's Basic Mapping Tutorial

Alright well I've made a tutorial but this forum doesn't allow me to use more than 10 images in a post. So there are two parts to the tutorial:

The bit you read

The bit you watch (Part 1)

Part 2 video

Part 3 video
Heres the .map file

Enjoy. My first time making a tutorial for anything, so the video part is probably more useful and less convoluted.

There are more video tutorials available on youtube such as here:

Nice basic tutorial.
I would like to make a map when I have the time. I'll probably follow your tutorial. Smile

I plan to make additional parts to it so stay tuned Smile

This is exactly what I've been looking for. I need a refresher, it's been years since I've even had NR installed. I used to try and make maps for Quake, but I was never very good. I'd like to take another stab at it. Thanks!
Latest obsession.

Part 2 up now

nice nice Big Grin
your video tutorial is very useful
ty sepelio
This message was written with 100% recycled electrons!!! Angel
No trees were destroyed and no animals were harmed.


On youtube it gives the error "The video is not yet processed". Weird.
I'm in france. Maybe they didn't mirror it by now.

Yeah I only just uploaded it, youtube needs to process it before you can watch. It should be available shortly.

I'am getting that error too but you can download it already whit a greasemonkey script or whit something like

Works now.

Fantastic! I can't wait to have the time to get started on this. Thanks for the contribution! =D

Part 3 is now up

Heres the .map file

Part 3 video

Good stuff. I would really like to do a map and you're making it possible by launching these tutorials. I'll try to find time to create a map.

Keep it up.

Thanks for this very nice stuff for beginners! Big Grin

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