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[SOLVED] [SOLUTION] Compiler cannot find libssl.dll (Windows 7)

So if you want more information just ask, this problem has been brought up in other forums but no solution was mentioned. Thanks for the help in advanced. xD

I assume you are using the Xonotic Build System. I had this problem too, but somehow, I fixed it. Smile

EDIT: the build pack has been updated, please update instead of doing this ~Mr. Bougo

First, download a copy of MSYSGIT Portable here. (You will need 7-zip in order to open this!) Then, using 7-zip, extract MSYSGIT into the "git" folder in your Xonotic Build System directory. Tell Windows to overwrite everything. Hopefully, the next time you run build.bat, it should build fine. Be warned, building is a time-consuming process on most machines, but is definitely worth it in the end!

Have fun, good sir! Hope this helps! Big Grin

EDIT: By the way, welcome to the Xonotic community!

IT WORKED, it's building now. Thanks so much! Big Grin

Please post your problem in the main thread next time, I missed that one because it was posted outside...

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