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[TUTORIAL] How To Migrate accounts! (Windows)

How to migrate windows accounts from an old PC to a new PC! This can be done ENTIRELY BY YOURSELF. 
You will need:
One flash drive OR the ability to upload a gigabyte of files to google drive or something like that.
How To:
Go on the old PC, and go to "C:\Users\*name*\Saved Games" and there should be a folder called xonotic. Move this folder to the flash drive, or however, you are going to move it to the new PC. 
Go to the new PC, and install and launch Xonotic. After you have launched it, go to the same location, "C:\Users\*name*\Saved Games" again on the new PC, and move the folder called xonotic that is on the flash drive to the new PC. If you have to, replace the old files, and then launch Xonotic!

Thanks for adding that, shanjer_, I'm sure it will help other Windows users. Your post made me realize we could use the thread prefix, "[TUTORIAL]". I went ahead and edited your prefix to reflect this, rather than "[SOLVED]", hope you don't mind. Happy fragging!

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