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[SOLVED] Locating Config file in windows 8

This my first time asking for help from a community like this but, I was wondering where would the config files for Xonotic would be in a windows 8 file system.

I had played Xonotic previously on windows xp before a few months ago my desktop had crashed and turns out the motherboard had died out or something according to the pc repair guy, but thankfully I copied a bunch of stuff on my documents, along with what i can see my config file I had for xonotic that was in a SavedGames folder. Smile

the only problem is that as I said before, I cannot seem to find where the config files for Xonotc would be in windows 8 so that I can just stick my old cfg file with the Xonotic that I use on windows 8.

I had a nice looking hud that I made in the editor, and I was glad I didn't loose it.

It should be in the same or at least similar directory than before. You may want to search your 'Personal Files' folder for that. It should be there in 'SavedGames'.

okay. I see it now. Thanks! I'm still trying to get used to windows 8.1

For the sake of completeness, I'll mention the easiest way to find out: open the Xonotic console (shift escape) and type
which config.cfg

This will tell you where the config.cfg file is, no matter what OS you use. Of course the config.cfg file has to exist for this to work.

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