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[SUGGESTION] Porting to XreaL

I once mapped a little bit for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars which I think also uses the idTech4 Engine. The maps use .world as format and the textures are combined in one big file. It is a difference but the map editor works nearly the same way as the normal GtkRadiant. Nevertheless I´m not quiet sure whether it would be good to switch to another game engine. The modified Dark Places engine works fine and is simple to handle.

Why even bother about another engine? The DarkPlaces engine looks great and runs smoothly on older computers. Considering the speed of Xonotic, you wouldn't have time to be impressed by rag-doll physics and all these other effects anyway. Porting to another engine is a somewhat toxic idea I think.

XreaL certainly is a bad suggestion, given it has even worse performance than DarkPlaces and zero support for "legacy" chipsets (like ANY onboard intel on linux)
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