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[SUGGESTION] What's the purpose of this forum?

Why have this forum at all? Why not use Redmine, where people can vote ideas up or down?

Because a forum works differently and is useful in an other way? You do not want to vote up/down stuff here, just look for current topics and reply if needed.
Real signature is still in production!

This forum is a temporary solution for getting feedback from the community. Redmine would be a poor choice for this. It's intended for developers mostly, and it's not the simplest interface.

We've already discussed creating a proper 'suggestion box' web app that would handle this in the future. That would have more appropriate features that a suggestion box would need.

Btw, you can rate threads. That's similar to voting.

Ah, didn't see the rating feature.

BTW, as a suggestion, it would really be nice to have a brainstorming site like Ubuntu. I know it's asking a lot, but there is time. We'll get there. Smile

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