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Netradiant on Windows 7?

Is this possible? I'd like it to be. I mean, I do run linux but for the most part I'm on Windows because of school. It'd just be convenient to not have to switch hard drives just to make a map.

Dual boot? Smile

What about VirtualBox or VMware solutions? I think VMware already supports having OpenGL for your virtual guests too. You could also try plain dual-boot as well.
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NetRadiant does run on vista for sure.. so why should it not on windows 7? Can't you just TRY IT instead of spamming around here? Bet the download would finish faster then asking here Tongue
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I did try it. It didn't work at first and that's why I asked. Just because I have a high post count doesn't mean that I spam.

Anyway, the problem is solved. I got some help from fabzor and it turns out that I'm just a noob when it comes to netradiant on a windows machine.

please post the solution so other windows 7 users know what to do

yes it works. im on windows 7 now in netraident
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(03-26-2010, 07:26 PM)DiaboliK Wrote: please post the solution so other windows 7 users know what to do

There was really no special solution. The picture wasn't working correctly so I turned off aero theme and expanded the boxes and that stopped the flickering. And then I made the noob mistake of forgetting to point the path to the game folder.

NetRadiant works in Windows 7.
BUT I hate that it disables the aero theme for me. I almost don't want to map because of that :O

Quote:Anyway, the problem is solved. I got some help from fabzor and it turns out that I'm just a noob when it comes to netradiant on a windows machine.

heh sorry if i sound arrogant...

okay when you start up netradiant, the first thing it ask you is what game you want to edit, so select Nexuiz, then continue.

after you select the game, netraiant now needs to know where the games located on the hard disc so choose some thing like C:\Nexuiz or d:\games\Nexuiz (wherever you have istalled the game to)

and now radiant starts up


when it starts up you probably wont have any textures or at most no shaders, you you get a red line in the console complaining about shadertags.xml not found!

this is because we have specified the game and the path, but we have NOT YET TOLD IT where the shaders are, and we havnt not told it to make a shader index file yet.

to do this after you load it go plugins>shaderplug>create tag file

and itll tall you to restart radiant now so do that...

and thats all your good to go now!

Lol, you don't sound arrogant fabzor. I just meant that I really was being a noob. =P

No problems with Netradiant in Win 7 either, just downloaded and it worked here. Tongue
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ahh cool nps

If this thread isn't dead yet, I have Win7 and can confirm NetRadiant works without any issue. Only that it disables the Aero style while it runs, otherwise it's all good Smile

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