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[SUGGESTION] 5 secs respawn for weapons as default


one thing i'd really like in the QL public servers is a weapon respawn time of 5 seconds. It makes public gameplay less depressing for noobs and makes the game a little less tactical in the weapon control sense. There's still enough room for positioning, powerup control and general gameplay skills..

I would never argue this for pro modes (clan wars, etc..)..

He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

Hmm, this would be like LMS minus whatever the mapper didn't include.
Could make the game go faster though.

Sorry i don't understand your answer: What do you mean it would be like LMS? I just talk about weapon respawns, not player respawns..
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

As long as picking up the same weapon again gives you more ammo for it i dont think this is a good idea, as it'd more or less make ammo meaningless - weapons stay seems like the better option to achieve what your after i think.

With an ammo limit this works excellently in QL. I guess gameplay testing would be in order.
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

As spoke to you on IRC, for public servers I am definitely for this, but as tZork weapon stay is probably a better idea.

Good thread Smile
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#deathmatchers @


5 secs? It would be a lot easier. However I have to say that timing is very important. Let the respawned players use only respawn weapons (shotgun, laser) to fight aganist full-equipped players. We all learn movement and velocity more when the weapon witch we need is far away and we don't have much time to take it. Longer weapon respawn forces players to think about it const. and consiously.

IMO it should be more then 5 seconds. Look at the problem from the other view: Player A fragged Player B near the RL. One moment of celebrating... Then suddenly Player B respawns behind Player's A back. He takes already respawned RL and kills TOTALY suprised Player A.

What do You think?

This is only for public player's Justin, comp/pro settings would have a respawn value of something like 20, for public I think weapon stay on is the best option.
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I sort-of agree with Justin for team game-modes. One of the things I like most about Dance is the fact that one team can control the other's weapons if they stay on the top floor above the flag, and IMO this makes the game tactically more interesting, as the other team has a choice between defending their base or attacking weakened defences at the enemy base (as most of the enemy team are busy pinning you down in your own base).
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(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Yes, i'm aware of the tactical finesse weapon control brings into the game. I just don't think that this is suitable to public servers. Casual players who join a public server do not like to be dominated completely to the point where they can't even grab a weapon.. Even I don't like that when i play casually on a public server. Leave the deep tactics to pro modes..
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

What lda17h said.

And as for CTF, weaponstay really needs to be on anyway for that as there tends to be quite a few player's and the weapons all-in base, if someone spawns infront of you they tend to just chain grab all the weapons in a row and you end up having to wait very frustrating also proved in the pickup game a while back on courtfun which is why WeaponStay was then set to ON for ctf.
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#deathmatchers @


There are both advantages and disadvantages to doing this, as most of you have brought up -

The largest advantage is that players can ACTUALLY get weapons on a map now, whereas with a higher respawn time on public servers matches tend to consist of shotgun and the easiest and most abundant weapon to get to on the entire map.

The largest disadvantage is that for most players it basically spams the map with ammo (making real ammo useless), like tZork pointed out. It also means that if there is a certain weapon which is very good on that map, EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMA WILL HAVE IT+++.

Personally I don't even have this problem as my server uses g_weaponarena by default (I prefer this, it's more fun to have any weapon I want imo) -- however that obviously isn't a solution for other people and really shouldn't be done normally. So for default, I would still say that the mapper is responsible for providing the proper amount of weapons for the map considering its size and potential amount of players. The only kind of compromise I would make is perhaps a 10 second respawn time for weapons, but 10 is the lowest I would go. Really though if we want to do anything, we should just do weaponstay as this is designed for the very purpose of allowing people to pick up weapons endlessly without picking up endless ammo.

Also: If a change to respawn of weapons is indeed made, it should be consistent with all game types. (We can't even distinguish this anyway without having some extra config/cvar set for game modes in the balance config files.. which is essentially cvar spam - useless and annoying.)

With weaponstay if you pick up a weapon you can't pick it up again and again by going over it, so you need to go get ammo anyway.

Easiest and most sensible solution for publics is weaponstay = ON.
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#deathmatchers @


I'd miss the "DAMN, WHERE IS THAT THING???"-moments...
"If your killer instincts are not clean and strong you will hesitate at the moment of truth. You will not kill. You will become dead marines and then you will be in a world of shit, because marines are not allowed to die without permission. Do you maggots understand?" - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Please don't do that for duel, you forgot to mention that with 5s weaponspawn QL duel is a huge spamfest.

I think the weapon timings should be dependent on how many players join a match, though doing something like that would cause confusion. Also 5 seconds seems pretty low if you ask me, at that point you might as well just set the game to weapons stay.

Oh wait.

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