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[SOLVED] framestep 10 broke my video?

So I took my video with framestep 10 for better results. I had the 4GB .avi file and compressed that down to a 80MB .mkv with Handbrake.

When I play the 80MB .mkv with mplayer it plays perfectly and the clip is 2:49 long. Then I just uploaded it to Youtube with the default uploader and...

Youtube's fault? Or is it because of the frame-step, or Handbrake.

I'm thinking Youtube because that exact file plays without problems with mplayer!

Sounds like YouTubes fault.. try a different conversion output.

YouTube don't like mkv or ovg. Try xvid, divx, Mpeg or h264 with avi or mp4 container.
Awesome, did Qz show you that ?
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